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Editing the Content of Maintenance Notifications for White-label Clients (Article)

Monnit has to sendout maintenance notifications on occasion to let our customers know we have scheduled maintenance coming on our servers or systems which may affect them. We have created a place within your account so that you can alter the messages we will be sending to more suit your business and to keep the feel of your site and emails consistent. This article explains where to go and how to make the edits necessary for your company.

1. Log in to your white-labeled portal as your administrative user.

2. From the navigation bar, click Administration

3. Click Settings, then Maintenance.

4. Click the date on the left side, below “Display Date”. This will drop down an editable section for you to make the necessary changes.

 OEM Email Edit

5. The first section is the Description. This section is what you want displayed on the Overview page of your site when your clients first log in. Please keep in mind that though there is an 8000 character limit, what is entered here will affect the look of the page.  You will most likely want to keep the description brief and to the point.

 OEM Edit Display

6. The next section is the email body where the explanation of the events can be expanded on and explained.  This section determines what will be included in the email which will be sent to your customers, so make it yours.  Change any generic terms with your branded name of your portal, enter your specific support or contact information and of course, make any changes to the verbiage to inject your company’s voice into the email. Please see the example of the email structure below:

 OEM Emmail Example

7. The last section is the SMS Description. This is the text which will be sent to those of your clients who chose to get maintenance notifications via SMS. This field has a short 120 character limit due to the size restriction of SMS messages. Be brief and perhaps include a phone number or email for your customers to contact you for more information.  Everything over 120 characters will not be included in the SMS.

8. When all your edits are complete, click the “Save” button.