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How Much Will I be Charged for Text Message Notifications?

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Information on text messages and associated fees/charges.

You will not be charged by Monnit for text messages sent by your Monnit Sensor Network. The text messages you receive from us are routed through your cellular provider. Thus, any text message notifications you set-up to receive from Monnit’s notification service are covered under your text message plan through ATT™, Sprint™, Verizon™, T-Mobile™, et al. If you do not subscribe to a text plan through your cellular carrier, you will be charged their standard rate for receiving a text message.

*Note - International cellular providers have been removing support for their Email to SMS gateways.  This means if you have a certain cellular provider that doesn't support this service for their clients you will not be able to receive the free SMS notifications from iMonnit.  We now have a new solution to allow you to purchase SMS credits through the portal to enable this service to locations that are no longer available throught the cellular carriers.  Pkease see the article below to learn how to set them up.

How to  Set Up Voice Notifications