Pausing or disabling notifications for a single sensor or group of sensors

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Instructions for temporarily pausing notifications from a single sensor or group of sensors in iMonnit.

While sensor alerts are one of the primary reasons for using Monnit wireless sensors, there may be times when you need to temporarily stop notifications from being sent from a sensor or group of sensors.

Temporarily disable notifications from a single sensor.

  • To temporarily disable notifications from a single sensor, select the Sensors option in the main navigation menu.
  • Choose your sensor from the list. 
  • With the detail view open, pick the "Events" tab to see the notifications settings for the sensor.
  • The "Active Events" secton provides a way to temporarily disable notifications from the viewed sensor. To stop notifications, choose from the options provided. Remember, this function only applies to notifications being sent from the viewed sensor. This will not affect notifications from other sensors even if the notification is shared across multiple sensors.
  • If you want to pause a notification across all sensors that share it, you can click the "On/Off" switch in the Current Event Triggers section.