Setting Sensor Schedules

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This article will explain how sensor schedules work

One of the features available with the Premier Version of iMonnit is the ability to set the times when you would like your sensors to transmit data, or when the sensor is “On”. The default setting is for the sensor to be “On” all day.

 Sensor on all day

The sensor schedule is designed as a battery saving feature,  because of this if you tell the sensor to turn “Off” during part of the day there is no way to contact that sensor or wake it up until the period it is off is over.  (Well, pulling the battery for 60 seconds and putting it back in will generate one reading but then the sensor will go right back to “Off”.)  The sensor schedule doesn’t take day of the week into account only the time of day. 


If you say turn “On” between 1AM and 3AM the sensor will turn on and transmit data during these two hours.  The other 22 hours in the day it will not respond to triggers (water or button) it will not take assessments (Temp or Humidity) and no communication will take place.

 Sensor on between  

One more aspect to take into consideration is that the sensor schedule uses UTC time.


UTC time does not change for daylight savings.  For your convenience we translate the time you input based off of the time you select in your account profile.  However, if your time changes for daylight savings the sensor schedule will have to be adjusted also by editing the sensor and saving the new time.


You set a sensor to be “On” between 8:00AM and 5:00PM while Daylight Savings is NOT in effect then Daylight Savings starts and you set your clocks ahead 1 hour.  With no adjustment your sensor will be on between 9:00AM and 6:00PM according to your new clock setting.

Depending on your needs some people have adjusted their sensors to operate for an extra hour all the time so they don’t have to adjust it twice a year.  Using the above example they would set the sensor to be on between 7:00AM and 5:00PM while Daylight Savings is not if effect.  That way when Daylight Savings starts with no adjustment the sensor is active from 8:00AM to 6:00PM and the hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM are always being monitored.  There is just an extra hour either before or after depending on the time of year.