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Setting the Primary Contact as Your Account Administrator

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This article provides step by step instructions to make your Primary Account holder also your Account Administrator.

When initially creating an iMonnit® account, you should always make certain your Primary Contact is also an Administrator. If they aren’t the same, and the former Admin User is deleted but still listed as the Primary Contact, you can't make anyone else the Admin for the account.  If your account’s Primary Contact isn’t also an Administrator, please follow these easy steps to correct it.

  1. Open iMonnit.
  2. Find the User List under the account navigation menu. 
  3. A feature of iMonnit Premiere is that you can have multiple users on one account. Basic iMonnit account users are automatically listed as an administrator and the primary contact for the account. The user list will display a list of all users who have access. 
  4. Check that the Primary Contact is also an Admin by reviewing the account settings under the user details tab. 
  5. If the Primary Contact is not an Admin (doesn’t have the checkmark under the word “Administrator”, check the contact’s name.