Troubleshooting Pending Transactions and the Red “X”

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When using the iMonnit User Interface or Monnit Express software, you may notice the "Edit" icon change to show a small red "x" in the bottom right corner. The "x" signifies that a sensor configuration has been changed in the software and is queued to update the sensor hardware configuration on its next heartbeat.

A pending transaction is when a change or changes have been made in iMonnit or Monnit Express but have not yet been updated to the sensor. This creates a small red “x” in the bottom right corner of the “Edit” icon.

pending transaction

It also causes some of the fields in the configuration panel to be greyed out and not be available to edit.  On the sensor’s next heartbeat, when the sensor configuration updates, the icon will go back to its original form and the fields will be editable once again.

When a sensor’s icon and configuration panel does not return to normal after its next regular heartbeat, or after two consecutive heartbeats, it could be due to the following:

Gateway Lag:

The Gateway is set to communicate with the Monnit server once every five minutes. This heartbeat causes a lag between the time the data is saved on the server and the time the Gateway checks in to receive the updates. Once the Gateway has acknowledged the updates, the sensor checks in and receives them.

Sensor Availability:

Because our sensors are battery powered it is critical that they leave the radio inactive between transmissions to conserve power.  A CR2032 battery that can last for multiple years transmits a signal every hour or two, conserving power and in return increasing battery life. If transmissions from the sensor are increased and left listening for constant communication the battery life is impacted harshly (maximum battery life could be as little as approx. 2 hours). This forces us to pass sensor updates to the sensor only after the sensor has turned on its radio and then listens for an acknowledgment.  On the acknowledgment we can notify the sensor that we have a configuration update and from there the network can communicate those to the sensor.  

To clear the red “x”:

  1. Check that the sensor is delivering data to a Gateway on the same network.
    1. Open a browser and log into your account on
    2. Click in the sensor in question
    3. Click the “History” tab.
    4. On the top right of the History pane, the ID of the Gateway the sensor is communicating with is displayed.

Identifying Gateway ID
  1. Cross reference that ID with the Gateway on the account.
  2. If they are not the same, either
    1. Move one of the devices so they are on the same network, or
    2. Reform the gateway that the sensor is talking to. Reforming will force the sensor to find a new gateway to talk to (the one on its own account). Be advised that doing a reform will cause all the other sensors on that network to miss at least one heartbeat.
  3. If they are the same, remove the battery and replace after 60 seconds. This will cause the sensor to restart the heartbeat and send the transmission when the sensor restarts.
  4. The Gateway has been moved off the account.
    1. Add the network back onto the account.
    2. The pending configuration itself is failing when the sensor attempts to retrieve it.

If your issue is still not resolved or the red "x" will not clear after two heartbeats of the sensor, please contact Monnit Support for assistance 1-801-561-5555.

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