Using Paired Sensors to Configure the Control Unit

When a sensor paired is to the control unit, the sensor triggers and sends the data to the gateway but because the control unit is listening for the sensor, it gets the command immediately as it is sent. The data still goes through to the gateway and to the server, but the command has already been passed to the control unit. 

To pair a relay with a wireless sensor:

  1. Launch your favorite browser and log in to your iMonnit Online Portal.
  2. From the “Overview” screen, click in the row for the control unit.
  3. Click the “Edit” tab
  4. Halfway down the page, you will see “Relay 1”.
    a. Enter the title for the relay
    b. Choose the “Default State”. The default state is when the sensor is within its set parameters.
    c. Enter the ID of the sensor you would like to pair with the Control Unit.

  5. If you will not be pairing any sensor with Relay 2 you may choose to “Hide” it from view. If you will be paring another sensor, simply repeat steps 4a through 4c.
  6. Click “Save”.