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Whitepapers - Monnit Wireless Sensors

The following whitepapers provide insight into how the Internet of Things and Monnit Smart Monitoring Systems can solve issues across various industries.

Monnit Food Service Whitepaper Smart Monitoring Systems for Foodservice and Restaurants

With the foodservice industry growing rapidly many restaurants are struggling to optimize. The restaurant business is challenging, as studies show that 60 percent of restaurants fail within the first three years. As a restaurant owner, if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you need to maximize your resources. Implementing new, low-cost, connected technologies can play a major part in improving efficiency and success.

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Monnit Food Safety Whitepaper Food Safety With Smart Monitoring Systems

As regulations and competition grow, food suppliers and restaurant owners cannot afford to take risks when it comes to food safety. Suffering the loss of stock due to spoilage or spreading food-borne illness is an expense that a business may not overcome. Monitoring food temperatures will help prevent waste and provide safer and better-tasting food.

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Monnit Property Management Whitepaper Smart Monitoring Systems for Property Management

With the potential for many different situations, manager of commercial properties, hotels, vacant properties, and residential properties all require problem-solving skills and awareness when dealing with issues that others may not see as solvable. As a property manager, you can either handle issues as they arise or eliminate costly property damages before they happen at all, which is made possible by the Internet of Things.

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Monnit Pharmacy and Labs Whitepaper Smart Monitoring Systems for Pharmacies and Laboratories

As regulations, and competition grows, pharmaceutical clinics and laboratories cannot afford to take risks with product safety. Suffering the loss of stock due to spoilage is an expense that most organizations may not overcome. Monitoring pharmaceutical storage cooler temperatures will ensure product safety and minimize costs from waste while helping meet regulatory compliance.

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Monnit HVAC and Refrigeration Whitepaper Smart Monitoring Systems for HVAC and Refrigeration

Smart monitoring solutions allow companies to remotely monitor and manage temperature and environment from anywhere, anytime via the Internet of Things. Securely record and exchange data, and receive immediate alerts about issues before they become costly, time-consuming problems

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Monnit Data Center Whitepaper Smart Monitoring Systems for Data Centers, Closets, and Server Rooms

Whether you house data in a closet, large offsite center or server room, each is full of sensitive electronics, from storage arrays, sensors, switches and WI-FI routers, to server racks, patchboards and phone lines. Smart monitoring solutions can help prevent costly damage due to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and water presence, and even help lower costs associated with maintaining the environment in these areas.

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