18 Jan

IoT: The Dawn of Dramatic Improvement

As you may already know, business technology is getting “smarter” all the time. But all too often business simply can’t keep up with smart innovations in favor of managing everyday tasks. In an independently organized TEDxCIT event, Head of Academic Studies at the Nimbus Centre for Embedded Systems Research at Cork Institute of Technology (CIT), Dr. John Barrett advised, with over 90 percent of the earth’s land surface now in possession of a mobile signal, the Internet of Things offers astonishing potential for positive change.

If you haven’t already begun to feel the increasing momentum toward connectivity, ISO, an independent non-governmental organization that brings experts together to share knowledge, support innovation and provide solutions to global challenges, described the race for IoT standards in “ride of your life” terms.

Whether your goal is greater operational efficiency, reduced cost, tighter asset management or closer property control, the same ISO article predicts IoT business technology will provide “billions in revenue growth and productivity over the next decade.” ISO added, “networked devices perhaps hold the most promise to cut costs and raise efficiency in production and manufacturing.” More importantly, IoT technology smartens not only management by making it more effective, but also the work itself gets smarter.

The Gartner Inc. Newsroom counted wireless sensor networks among the top ten IoT technologies to keep an eye on in 2017 and 2018, that will affect everything from business strategy to network design. Gartner spoke of IoT tools that must “be capable of managing and monitoring thousands and perhaps even millions of devices.”

In addition to the massive amounts of systems data such technology will produce, the big challenge according to Garnter Inc. is the commercial-technical trade-off which means a marketplace of many available solutions, but no single winner in the “vendor ecosystem.”

Forbes online suggests even if you don’t manage inventory or deal directly with technology (is that really possible?) IoT is still going to change how we do business in 2017. Wired into the same network, IoT will allow remote work and workers to be more connected and able to remotely manage the factory floor better than ever. Forbes also suggested, IoT will speed up consumer buying cycle and allow businesses to serve customers faster.  There’s also IoT’s “Holy Grail” of pay-offs, greater productivity and efficiency capable of scaling an enterprise to the next level.

IoT is the dawn of vast operational improvement, resource savings, and potentially, even a smaller Carbon footprint for a wide range of enterprise and leisure activities.

About Monnit Corp.
Monnit is a global leader in the design and manufacture of low-cost turnkey monitoring solutions for commercial, industrial and consumer markets, recognized by CRN as one of the “20 Coolest IoT Hardware Vendors,” for its innovation, devices, analytics and infrastructure that have transformed and improved the way we work and live.


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29 Dec

Avoid Boiler Issues This Winter

Remote Boiler Monitoring

Another big holiday has passed, and we hope yours was bright and merry. The tinsel, wrapping paper, tree-lights, boxes, carolers and guests are gone, and you’re now digging in for the long cold.

Subzero winter temperatures can stress boilers and burst frozen pipes in any commercial building. Steam or water leaks, drips and power losses can also disrupt business or result in costly repairs, downtime and occupant discomfort. No one is happier than those doing emergency repair when your boiler takes a dive.

Pilot lights that keep going out can be a sign of buildup or corrosion. Lime deposits can restrict water flow to heat exchangers. Excess internal boiler pressure during operation might cause that expensive machine to explode or rupture.

Commercial boilers commonly burn fossil fuels that produce toxic emissions, so clear ventilation, exhausts and efficient combustion must be maintained. Boilers are huge sources of stored energy, which makes safety and regular maintenance a major concern.

Don’t let your boilers crash this season or the next, and save time and resources at the same time. Monitor and maintain boiler performance to prevent expensive downtime and repairs using best-in-class, low-cost remote monitoring boiler solutions from Monnit.

About Monnit Corp.
Monnit is a global leader in the design and manufacture of self-installing,  low cost wireless sensor solutions for commercial, industrial and consumer markets. Monnit’s sensing solutions are easily installed and used by anyone wanting to remotely monitor access to operational system temperature, vibration, or the presence of water and light in a variety of environments.

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21 Dec

Winter Peace of Mind

Cold Office

Whether it’s cold offices, frozen pipes or ducts, water damage, product quality, property management, HVAC systems or warehouse peace of mind you’re after, Monnit remote wireless monitoring solutions have an answer.

For the second consecutive year, Monnit has been recognized by CRN magazine, as a Top 50 IoT Solutions Provider alongside IT leaders such as Cisco, Dell, Intel and Samsung.

Monnit is the world’s best remote monitoring solution allowing users to track and monitor potential issues before they become costly problems in food service, property and asset management, pharmacy or labs to name just a few of its applications.

Preparing for the winter months, homeowners seal drafty windows, check the plumbing and get boilers serviced. It’s no different for business, but such things are often overlooked. In celebration of the 2016 Yuletide season, Monnit offers a wireless monitoring solution for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas.

  1. No More Burst Frozen Pipes
    Monnit remote wireless sensors provide temperature change alerts before the cold has a chance to freeze your pipes.
  2. Extend Your Workforce
    When winter storms prevent your employees from getting to work, or your engineers can’t be everywhere at once, Monnit remote wireless solutions can be on location when you or your staff can’t be.
  3. No Leaks
    Monnit remote monitoring sensors help you avoid costly water damage in sensitive areas.
  4. Safely-Lit Paths, Walkways and Parking Lots
    Winter weather can make life slippery, which is why Monnit sensors maintain safely-lit paths, walkways and parking lots to help prevent expensive and time-consuming litigation.
  5. Trespasser Control
    Monnit motion activated sensors help to ensure your premises remain trespasser free.
  6. Theft Deterrent
    Knowing what’s happening at your business when you’re not there provides management insights and a great deal of peace of mind.
  7. Asset Protection
    Temperature, voltage, and climate monitoring are vitally important to preserving the value of your perishable assets.
  8. Vacant Premises
    Keep an “eye” on your vacant properties during winter months, with Monnit remote wireless sensors anytime, from anywhere.
  9. Warehouse Peace of Mind
    Sensor alerts can reduce spoilage from uncontrolled variations in warehouse temperature.
  10. Boiler Damage
    Boilers can breakdown during winter after long periods of non-use, but Monnit wireless sensors can detect a faulty thermostat or clogged valve before the boiler fails.
  11. Animal Environment
    Animals feel winter cold, especially when the heating and air systems aren’t working or monitored with care.
  12. No Hassle Installation and Preventive Maintenance
    Monnit system ease-of-use and painless installation will help lower your costs to maintain and manage commercial properties.

Freezing winters add risks to businesses that include ice, snow and temperature hazards responsible for a wide variety of property damage, employee injury and slowed productivity. This makes loss prevention crucial to maintaining a successful and profitable business.

It doesn’t matter where you are, or what time it is, Monnit’s low-cost wireless sensors and monitoring solutions will connect you to your business from anywhere, anytime. Please visit www.monnit.com for more news, global product updates, and best-in-class support.

Happy Holidays from Monnit 

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07 Dec

Monnit Named One of CRN’s Internet of Things 50

Wireless Sensor Company Recognized for Standout Contribution to the Emerging Internet of Things Industry;

Monnit recognized in IoT 50
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – December 7, 2016 – Monnit Corporation (www.monnit.com) today announced that CRN has named the wireless sensors company to its 2016 Internet of Things 50 list, which recognizes organizations whose innovative offerings are helping connect objects, computing devices, infrastructure, data storage and data analytics to transform and improve the way we work and live. Monnit was the only Utah-based company to be recognized in the “20 Coolest IoT Hardware Vendors” category, which consists of many Monnit partners and other technology leaders such as Cisco, Dell, Intel and Samsung.

“We are honored to be named in this elite group for the second year in a row,” said Brad Walters, CEO, Monnit. “It’s a strong confirmation for the Monnit team – and our clients worldwide – that we are providing relevant solutions that are truly making a difference in today’s business world.”

CRN, a brand of The Channel Company, recognized Monnit for its breadth of IoT wireless sensors, gateways and control devices. Monnit currently provides more than 50 unique sensor types for commercial and industrial applications as part of a complete, remote monitoring solution, which features online monitoring software and real-time alerts via SMS text, email or phone call when a user-defined condition is detected.

The magazine also recognized Monnit for its business partner program, which allows OEM’s, systems integrators, independent software vendors and resellers to sell Monnit-branded products or private-brand the solutions as their own.

“The emerging Internet of Things market holds enormous creative potential, with the capacity to touch and streamline nearly every aspect of our daily lives,” said Robert Faletra, CEO of The Channel Company. “CRN’s Internet of Things 50 list celebrates vendors who are exploring this potential with utmost energy and ingenuity. On the very cutting edge of innovation, their offerings are poised to transform the way we live and work with an unprecedented level of interconnectivity. We congratulate each of these vendors on the vision and creativity that has earned them a spot on our 2016 list.”

The Internet of Things 50 list is featured in the December issue of CRN and on CRN.com at crn.com/iot50.

About CRN

CRN is the top news source for solution providers and the IT channel, providing up-to-date technology news, IT vendor and product reviews, channel partner resources and more.

About Monnit Corp.
Monnit is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of turnkey, self-installing, low cost wireless sensor solutions targeted at the commercial, industrial and consumer markets. Monnit’s sensing solutions are designed to be easily installed and used by anyone wanting to remotely monitor information and activities, including: temperature, access, presence of water, light, humidity, and vibration in or around structures, machinery, and various environments.

Press Contact:
(801) 561-5555

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06 Dec

Monnit IoT Sensors Help Protect U.S. Food Supply

Lineage Logistics uses Monnit Corporation’s IoT temperature and vibration sensors to cut energy costs and protect billions of pounds in warehoused food.

Food safety is a priority if you warehouse and ship billions of pounds of food destined for Walmart, Costco and local grocery stores in the U.S. Product must be protected in the most energy-efficient way.

This is a daily challenge for San Francisco food processing, warehousing and distribution company, Lineage Logistics, a Top 2 North America temperature-controlled warehousing company with more than 518 million cubic feet of freezer and cooler capacity, serving roughly 20 to 25 percent of the U.S. third-party cold food chain.

IoT Sensors Protect Food and Reduce Energy Costs

Due to the size of their refrigerated warehouses, Lineage was seeing temperature gradients from one side of the warehouse to the other. Doors opening and thermal load from rooftops can cause temperatures to vary outside ooptimal range in some areas of the warehouse. Rather than lowering the temperature of the entire warehouse to account for warm spots, they use Monnit’s wireless temperature sensors to create a heat map of the warehouse and adjust airflow to address the warmer areas without needing to over cool the entire building, providing significant cost savings.

Lineage is also using Monnit vibration sensors to monitor refrigeration compressors, helping them predict issues and avoid high repair costs and compressor breakdowns. Monnit sensors can also prevent another common refrigeration problem called “liquid hammer,” a pressure spike caused when fluid in the refrigeration pipes is forced to stop or change direction suddenly.

Lineage currently uses approximately 1,500 AA battery-powered wireless sensors from Monnit across a few of its facilities, and they look to expand that into many more buildings in the near future.

Click here to read the full article on Network World’s website.

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26 Nov

Hershey’s Ice Cream Uses Monnit and IoT to Keep Food Safe

Hershey's Ice Cream

Ice cream is one of the world’s most favorite treats. Have you seen the face of a child that accidentally drops their ice-cream? It usually ends in crying and a temper tantrum. Just like a child that loses their ice cream, manufacturers of the same delicious treat don’t like to lose theirs either. That is why they are using Monnit’s remote monitoring solutions to track cooler and freezer temperatures and to detect if cooler doors are left open.

The Hershey Creamery Company was founded in 1894 by Jacob Hershey and his four brothers: Isaac, Paris, Ephraim and Eli Hershey (no relation to Milton S. Hershey of the Hershey Company). Since 1894, Hershey’s® has strived to “guarantee quality products, provide excellent service, establish competitive prices and provide a true value to the customer.”

Hershey’s Creamery wanted to update their cold storage temperature tracking and reporting process, which previously used old style tachographical charting (where a pen connected to a physical thermometer scribes a mark on a round chart) to record freezer temperatures. They wanted a reliable and accurate temperature monitoring system that could provide alerts if something was wrong and also relay temperatures back to their headquarters quicker. Their previous process did not provide alerts and took about 3-4 days to manually change out the charts and mail them to their headquarters for review and record keeping. In testing, they found that their existing charts were less accurate in tracking temperatures to Monnit’s wireless temperature sensors which are accurate to within 1-2 degrees.

They are currently using Monnit sensors at 5 of their production locations and will push out to an additional 28 locations in the coming months. Since installing Monnit’s solution this year, the system has already helped them at least 2 times, one of which was a refrigerated storage truck cooler failure where the system alerted them, saving ~$10,000 worth of ice cream.

< Read More About Hershey’s Use of Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions at Food Quality News

< Learn More About Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for the Food Service Industry



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02 Nov

Monnit Recognized as a Top 20 Leading IoT Solutions Provider by The Technology Headlines

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – November 2, 2016 – Monnit Corporation (www.monnit.com), today announced it has been recognized by The Technology Headlines as a Top 20 Leading IoT Solutions Provider. Recently The Technology Headlines compiled a list of the 20 leading companies providing IoT solutions that businesses need to know about.

“We are honored to be included in this group of great companies, and it is yet another acknowledgment of how the Monnit team is providing relevant solutions for business customers globally,” said Brad Walters, CEO of Monnit.

About The Technology Headlines

The Technology Headlines is a platform which provides all news about latest technology trends. It empowers the industry leaders and professionals to share their experiences, knowledge and advice with enterprise IT community.

They are with the objective of focusing the commitment of leading and fastest growing companies of all the sectors working in technology world. It gives a platform to all decision makers in the industry to wave around their unbeatable style of doing work and the way of delivering effective and collaborative solutions.

The Technology Headlines also aims to create a stage which can invite the leaders and experts to share their thoughts, experiences, skills and visions which will help the young leaders to grow the industry further with their skills and drive business efficiency.

About Monnit Corp.
Monnit is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of turnkey, self-installing, low cost wireless sensor solutions targeted at the commercial, industrial and consumer markets. Monnit’s sensing solutions are designed to be easily installed and used by anyone wanting to remotely monitor information and activities, including: temperature, access, presence of water, light, humidity, and vibration in or around structures, machinery, and various environments.

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26 Oct

Monnit Announces New Corporate Headquarters

Monnit Offices

Salt Lake City, UT – October 26, 2016 – Monnit Corporation (www.monnit.com) announced their company headquarters has moved to a larger and newly renovated office space to accommodate their continued growth. Monnit’s new location, at just under 30,000 square feet is located at:

Monnit Corporation
3400 South West Temple
South Salt Lake, UT 84115

“Our growth over the past few years has been exciting and this new location is critical to continue to support that growth,” said Brad Walters, CEO of Monnit Corporation. “This is an ideal site that supports our vision and work lifestyle while providing the space needed for us to continue expanding our production capabilities into the future.” The move is effective immediately so all correspondence should be addressed to the new location in order to ensure receipt without delays.

Monnit wireless products are FCC, IC and CE/ETSI certified, and have been proven to comply with the essential performance, safety, and environmental requirements set by law around the world. All Monnit wireless sensors and gateways include free basic iMonnit online sensor monitoring with free SMS text and email alerting. For more information on Monnit’s low cost monitoring solution, call (801) 561-5555 or visit www.monnit.com.

About Monnit Corp.
Monnit is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of turnkey, self-installing, low cost wireless sensor solutions targeted at the commercial, industrial and consumer markets. Monnit’s sensing solutions are designed to be easily installed and used by anyone wanting to remotely monitor information and activities, including: temperature, access, presence of water, light, humidity, and vibration in or around structures, machinery, and various environments.

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30 Sep

Monnit CEO, Brad Walters Presenting at RealCON Utah 2016

Monnit knows IoT and people want to hear about it. If you are in the Salt Lake City, Utah area during the first week of October, come hear Monnit CEO, Brad Walters present as part of a panel on Industrial and Warehouse Innovation and Forward Projections at RealCON Utah, Tuesday, October 4th at the Little America Ballroom in Salt Lake City. The event also counts for Continuing Education credit and hours. You can register at www.utahccimchapter.com.

Monnit CEO Brad Walters to Present at RealCON Utah 2016

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28 Sep

Preventing Food Spoilage In Schools With Wireless Sensors

A student is sitting in class, and their stomach is beginning to rumble. Finally, the bell rings, and it is time for lunch. However, due to a recent refrigerator malfunction, all of the prepared food for the day has become spoiled.

School meals are crucial to students, just ask any teacher. Children who are hungry have a difficult time focusing in school, which ultimately affects their learning experience. Our schools develop the future of our children, which is why we also depend on them for providing our children with meals. What happens if a school is unable to serve a nutritious meal, or makes children sick from food that has spoiled from improper storage temperatures?  

How to determine if frozen food is safe after increased temperatures

Frozen Food Charthttps://www.foodsafety.gov/keep/charts/frozen_food.html

In San Diego, California 22 elementary students became ill and suffered from abdominal pains and became nauseous after eating lunch from the school cafeteria. The children had to be transported to a local hospital just as a precaution. After an investigation, it is believed that the children became sick from spoiled milk.

The Monnit Solution
With Monnit Wireless Sensors, school cafeterias are now able to prevent and identify inadequate temperatures within their freezers, refrigerators or other temperature sensitive storage units. If temperatures go above or below the proper storage level, it increases the chances of dangerous bacterial growth which can cause food-borne illnesses.

Monnit Wireless Sensors enables you and your staff to monitor and track temperature changes in your walk-in cooler, freezers, or warmers. Previously, available solutions for monitoring food temperatures 24/7 were expensive and difficult to use. This has since changed with Monnit’s affordable remote monitoring solutions, which make it easy to monitor multiple aspects of your food storage from anywhere, at any time.

Monnit Wireless Sensors can also collect data and warn companies when refrigeration units are beginning to malfunction. The system can send alerts to a supervisor’s mobile device or through a local alert system, allowing them to address and correct the issue before there is any harm to perishable foods. By using Monnit Wireless Sensors schools can not only improve food quality and reduce the chances of food-borne illnesses, but they can reduce the amount of food wasted from spoilage.

Monnit Solutions for Food Refrigeration Monitoring Include:

» Maintain and monitor proper storage temperatures – View Wireless Temperature Sensors »

» Avoid moisture in dry storage areas  – View Wireless Humidity Sensors »

» Receive alerts if cooler door is left open – View Wireless Open/Closed Sensors »

» Monitor power usage to predict equipment failure in time to repair  – View Wireless  AC Current Meters »

[View All Monnit Products]

Monnit provides an enormous opportunity to protect your students and staff, prevent spoilage, and reduce waste. The Monnit Remote Monitoring System is the most intuitive, reliable, and cost-effective solution on the market. For more information, visit our website.

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