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Server rooms and data centers are full of expensive computers and networking equipment that are designed to operate within a given temperature range. Monnit wireless sensors provide a low-cost, highly reliable way to monitor these temperature critical environments.

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How It Works:
1. Place sensors on "things"
you want to monitor
Place Sensors on Things
2. Set alerts for when
"conditions" are met.
Set Notifications
3. Receive real-time alerts
wherever you are.
Receive Notifications
  • Know Immediately if there is an Issue with your Servers
    Receive real time alerts via SMS text, email or voice call.
  • Expandable to 100 Sensors per USB, Ethernet or Cellular Gateway
    Monitor humidity, area access, water and light with the same system
  • True Wireless Freedom with Exceptional Range
    250' - 300' wireless range (Expandable with a wireless sensor Router) *
  • Low-Cost Wireless Sensors and Monitoring Options
    Sensors starting at $49 with FREE Online Monitoring **

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