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MonnitSense Newsletter - September 2013
New Wireless Product Family

Wi-Fi Temperature Sensors

Monnit Wi-Fi Temperature Sensors

Monnit Wi-Fi Temperature sensors work with any existing Wi-Fi network. Available in standard format or with a
3 foot temperature probe for more accurate placement. All Monnit sensors come with FREE basic online sensor monitoring and alerting through the iMonnit Online Monitoring System, providing access to all of your sensor data and alerts via SMS text or email if a user defined condition is met or exceeded.

Wi-Fi Temperature Sensor Features
    • Thermistor Range: -40°C to 125°C
    • Accurate to +/- 1°C (1.8°F)
    • Works with 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi networks
    • Supports Open, WEP, WPA and WPA2 Wi-Fi security
    • Up to 250 ft. device range*
    • Data logging feature if Wi-Fi networks become un-available.
    • Status / Activity LED
    • 2 replaceable 1.5V "AA" batteries
    • Batteries last up to 5 years.**

*   Actual range varies depending on environment and
    performance of connected Wi-Fi router. MoWi sensors
    perform typical to standard Wi-Fi devices.
** Battery life is affected by reporting frequency (heartbeat),
    sensor type, Wi-Fi security type, distance from Wi-Fi
    router and other variables.

Learn More About Monnit Wi-Fi Temperature Sensors »

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Glimpse of the future
We Listened!

iMonnit Online Sensors Portal Updates

The Monnit development team has recently released several enhancements to the iMonnit online sensors monitoring portal. If you have logged into your account in the past week, chances are you've seen some of these updates. Some of the recent enhancements to the iMonnit Wireless Sensors portal are:

    • More intuitive user interface provides easier access to sensor
    • Simplified network setup process makes it easier to add sensors
      and gateways.
    • Streamlined network management with the ability to easily move sensors
      and gateways between networks.
    • Easier notification setup with application suggested settings.
      and powering options.

If you haven't logged into your iMonnit account lately, log in and see the enhancements for yourself.

Web Special
Monnit Web Special

Glimpse of the future

Crystal Ball

Let's take a look in our crystal ball to see what the future holds at Monnit?

Monnit's development team is always hard at work developing new wireless sensing products and enhancing our existing products based on customer feedback. We are currently working on incorporating a battery backup feature into our new Cellular CDMA (CGW2) Gateway. The integrated battery backup will allow the unit to continue operating for several hours in the event of a power outage. This new addition to the Monnit product lineup should be available in the near future. If you would like to learn more about this product or be notified when it becomes available, please email us at sales@monnit.com.

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OEMSensors Works!

"From concept to deployment, using Monnit's OEM sensors made our last project the easiest and quickest we have ever done. Their customer support is top notch and most importantly, their stuff works like it should!"

- Kevin K.

Application of the Month

Monitor and Manage Fleet Vehicles

Using Wireless Sensors to Manage Fleet Vehicles

Managing a fleet whether 1 or 10,000 vehicles has its own challenges. Monnit has developed a wireless sensor solution for tracking when fleet vehicles have left and returned to your facility. No more wondering if a vehicle has left the premises without approval.

Monnit wireless ID sensors can be used to manage fleet vehicles in a garage or lot. The sensors ping into a Monnit gateway, letting the system now that they are on site. When a vehicle leaves, the sensor can no longer ping the system signifying that it not on site any more. When the vehicle returns the sensor checks into the system letting you know that the vehicle is back. Notifications can be set to alert by email and/or text message so you can know immediately if a vehicle has left without permission.

Manage your fleet vehicles with Monnit Wireless Sensors.

Learn More About Wireless Sensor Solutions for Fleet Management »

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Tech Tip of the Month

by The WiSe Guys

WiSe Guys

Understanding the LED (Light) of a
MOWI (Wi-Fi) Sensor

When Batteries are Inserted:

One red flash means the sensor can not connect to a Wi-Fi network. This is caused by one of the following. Either, no network security has been stored in the sensor and there is no open (unsecured) Wi-Fi network, or the programmed
Wi-Fi network cannot be found.

Two slow red flashes means the batteries are too low for the sensor to operate and new batteries are needed.

Green flashes mean that the sensor has found a Wi-Fi network and is authorizing network credentials. If the green flashes end on green, the sensor has successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network. If the green flashes end on red, then the sensor was not able to complete the authorization. Either the network SSID or security key doesn't match, or there was some other communication problem.

Wi-Fi Sensor LEDs

When Tethered to a Computer via USB Programming Cable:

The light should flash in a sequence (red, green, off, red, green, off) when first tethered to the computer. Once the computer acknowledges the connection, the light should just flash green.

When disconnecting the cable from the sensor, the sensor light should flash green until it either ends on green (successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network) or until it ends on red (Wi-Fi network connection failed). If the light ends on a red, reconnect the sensor to the computer and verify the network SSID and security key are correct.

During Sensor Operation:

Once the sensor has been set up, the light will not flash in normal operating mode. This is to save on battery power ensuring that the battery life of the sensor meets or exceeds one year. If you would like to enable the LED for normal operation (visual confirmation of communication) this can be set from the iMonnit online sensor portal. When enabled the LED will flash when network communication is occurring, letting you know that sensor data is being delivered to the online system.

Enable Wi-Fi LED Operation in iMonnit

For more information on using Monnit wireless sensors, visit the support section of our website.

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