Actions - Adding Devices to Trigger an Action in iMonnit Online

Adding Devices to Trigger an Action

In order for an Action to be triggered by a sensor, the sensor must be assigned to the Action. Once the Action is assigned, the condition can be triggered by the sensor. This can be overlooked, and it is possible to create an Action that is not configured to be triggered by a sensor. This article will demonstrate how to confirm an Action has a triggering device.

Summary of Steps

  • Log into the iMonnit Online Portal with a user that has required permissions
  • Select Actions in the sidebar
  • Select the Action you wish to edit
  • Click the Trigger tab at the top of the main window area of the Action (two arrows pointing right)
  • In the Action Sensors/Gateways pane, click the checkmark icon for the device you wish to trigger the Action (the checkmark will be green for any enabled trigger sensors)
    Enable Trigger Sensor
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You may also want to subsequently review the Actions tab of the Action to make sure the desired users receive notifications. Feel free to contact with related inquiries.

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