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How Monnit Sensors Work

Own Your Data Because Your Data is Your Business

  • That’s why with Monnit, you own your data outright.
  • You have the flexibility to choose what software you want to use for your data.
  • You choose where data is stored.
  • You don’t get that freedom anywhere else.

Why Monnit? Because we offer you:

  1. Industry-leading range—Up to 1,200+ ft. (through 12+ walls)! Monnit’s industry-leading range offers installation flexibility that other firms can’t match.
  2. Superior battery life—12+ years of worry-free operation from 2 AA batteries.
  3. Bank-grade security—Monnit-exclusive encryption protocols safeguard your data with bank-grade security.
  4. More choices—Monnit offers 80+ sensor types.
    The industry’s broadest line of wireless sensors will cover your remote monitoring needs with power, environmental & motion sensors.

And with Monnit, more adds up to less: less cost, less stress, and less time lost.

Why Monnit

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Engineers, tech mavens, facility managers, and manufacturing execs—those who know their fields better than anybody—have honored Monnit with best-of-breed across the spectrum because we make business better.

And Monnit can do the same for you— no matter what you do or where it’s done. Call or email us and let’s work together.


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