ALTA Wireless Sensors
ALTA Advanced Wireless Products

ALTA wireless sensors are the latest Enterprise Grade remote monitoring solution from Monnit.

  • Wireless Range: 1,200+ ft.
    non-line-of-sight through 12+ walls
  • Battery Life: 12+ Years (2xAA)
  • Security: Encrypt-RF™ Integrated
  • On-board Memory: 512 sensor messages

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Monnit Standard Wireless Sensors
Monnit Standard Wireless Products

Monnit standard wireless sensors have become an industry standard for reliable, low-cost remote monitoring. Over 50 wireless sensor types available, starting at $49

  • Wireless Range: 250-300 ft. Battery Life: 5+ Years (2xAA)

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How Monnit Works

How Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions Work How Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions Work

Why Choose Monnit?

There are so many reasons you should choose Monnit that it is hard to list them all!

  • Easy Setup
    and Use

    All of Monnit's remote monitoring systems can be setup in about 15 minutes and our intuitive interface makes managing your system a snap!

  • Exceptional
    Wireless Range

    Our optimized RF communications platform provides superior wireless range for covering large areas.

  • 60+
    Sensor Types

    With over 60 different sensor types and more developed all the time, the sky is the limit for what you can monitor.

  • Low Cost
    High Quality

    Monnit wireless sensors start at just $49 and basic online sensor monitoring and notifications are FREE!

  • Low Power
    Long Life

    Monnit wireless sensors feature industry leading power management, allowing sensors to last for up to 12+ years.

  • Global RF

    Our wireless products are available in global frequencies (900, 920, 868 and 433 MHz).