The Internet of Knowing Things

The Best Decisions Start with the Best Intelligence

Monnit helps you solve challenges and streamline operations using data from the Internet of Things (IoT).

Actionable Data is the Solution
Running a business requires a lot of decision-making and taking action. Of course, not just any decision or action will do. Your business depends on you making the best decisions at the best times. But you need data to do it right. Actionable data to achieve actionable results.

That’s what Monnit gives you with our Remote Monitoring Solutions—easily, quickly, reliably. Monnit Solutions—with our Sensors, Gateways, and Software for virtually any application—deliver the data you need to run your organization right. The days of business guessing games are long gone with Monnit.

Here’s how Monnit can help you make better-informed decisions and take the right actions to improve your business today.

How Monnit Works


sensor iconChoose Sensors

Sense virtually everything from nearly everywhere.

Choose from more than 80 different types in three different form factors.


gateway family iconPick a Gateway

Incredible Range

This is where everything starts to connect for you.

Collect sensor data via 4G Cellular, Ethernet or Serial Modbus (RS-232/485).


Set Up Cloud

See every connected thing from one place.

Download the free iMonnit app to your smartphone.

download on the app store download on google play

Install Hardware

Let’s get your things talking to you.

Connect your gateway and sensors to the iMonnit app.


Set Up Alerts

Stay in the know from anywhere.

Receive alerts if thresholds are exceeded, batteries die, or sensors aren't connected.


Access Monitoring Data

Spot trends and take the right actions.

Get immediate access to data via cloud application, desktop, or APIs.