The Monnit Solution

Before smart devices burst on the scene and the Internet of Things (IoT) became much more than a business buzzword, Monnit already led the IoT market with its connected device solutions.

the monnit solution
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Giving You Disruptive Data for Innovation

Monnit is a driver of this remarkable era of connected things and people. Today, running a business—smarter, faster, better—means you must connect to IoT advancements. Why? For all that actionable data.

It’s IoT data that fuels the most rewarding, innovative business solutions. That’s why Monnit’s committed to being the global leader in generating data from the things that boost your business performance.

Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions give you the data you need to solve your business challenges. The actionable data we provide—anytime, anywhere—is the solution for virtually any application or use case.

We’d Do It, But We’ll Let Them Call Us an IoT Leader

Monnit is an award-winning IoT leader and innovator. Industry experts recognize and honor us for our leading-edge IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions.


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More About Us

Remote Monitoring for Business

Monnit is a private company started in 2010 by our founder after his lengthy ventures in the embedded systems marketplace. Notably, his experiences garnered through co-founding Lineo—the first embedded Linux company—and creating the popular X-Bee Zigbee module at MaxStream, helped direct him to the need of a robust line of wireless sensors for Enterprise Remote Monitoring.

A few years after our inception, the industry renamed the embedded systems market as the Internet of Things. Monnit’s at the core of the IoT value proposition due to being a prominent creator of IoT data for businesses worldwide.

Now, more than a decade later, Monnit has deep roots as a global IoT leader with over 52,000 customers, over 39 billion data readings, and more than 2,000 product SKUs.

Through modular design, dynamic production, and global distribution, we thrive in smart-device manufacturing. Monnit is dedicated to innovation, customer satisfaction, and actively nourishing social advancement.

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