remote monitoring for business

Remote Monitoring Solutions for Your Business

Monnit Solutions give you the data you need to keep operations throughout your organization running the best.

Remotely Monitor Almost Anything—Anytime, Anywhere

In an instant and from wherever you are, you can know what's going on in your business.

Are you Listening?

Remote Monitoring gives you actionable data—the lifeblood of any business. It's what helps you turn on a dime to serve your valuable customers faster and better. Or prevent a critical machine's maintenance from halting your entire production line. Data even helps keep vital vaccines safe and viable as they're passed from lab to doctor to patient. The applications where data plays the lead role are seemingly endless.

To get access to the data that makes your part of the world go around, you have to make things talk. Things like machines, doors, water, air, pipes, freezers, food, and many more that you can connect to the Internet of Things (IoT). This means, you don't have to be right next to those important things when they're ready to talk.

Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions give you the data you need to run your business right—from wherever you are and at any time. Remote Monitoring for Business is one of our favorite taglines for this very reason. It's what we do for you. Monnit Devices have collected more than 21 billion data points to date. Just think of all of the crucial ways all of that data helps people make better-informed decisions.

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Remote Monitoring for Business - How Monnit Works

Get a Remote Monitoring Solution for Virtually Any Application

There's no better way to stay on top of what matters most to your business.

Your New Sixth Sense

Our Remote Monitoring Solutions combine award-winning IoT Sensors, Gateways, and Software, so you can easily receive and analyze data efficiently and cost-effectively. It's a breeze to set up your Monnit Solutions. Within 15 minutes, you can deploy a Monnit Wireless Sensor, Meter, or Gateway.

With Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions, you're in control of your data—you own it. You can have your Monnit Sensors immediately alert you (send you data) when the things you monitor change from the parameters you set. What's more, you can remotely track and manage data from your Monnit Solutions through easy-to-use dashboards on our iMonnit Software.

Take advantage of a wide range of Remote Monitoring Solutions for nearly any application or use case. Our Solutions provide:

  1. Access to data from anywhere 24/7: on any Internet-enabled device
  2. Exceptional wireless range: up to 1,200 feet non-line of sight through 12+ walls
  3. Multiple sensor transmission choices: Wireless, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and Wi-Fi
  4. Immediate alert delivery: via a text, email, or call
  5. Reliable onboard sensor memory: up to 50k readings
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Award-winning technology and 15-minute setup mean adding powerful remote monitoring to your business is easy.

easy setup

Monnit's sensors can be set up within 15 minutes. An intuitive PC or smartphone interface simplifies sensor deployment.

exceptional wireless range

Get the freedom of 2,000+ ft. through 18+ walls of wireless range thanks to one of the most powerful sensor connectivity platforms.

80+ sensor types

With over 80 different sensor types (and counting), there is a monitoring solution for virtually any business.

award winning technology

Monnit’s technology has won several engineering and sensor awards that validate performance, quality, and innovation.

low power long life

Industry-exclusive power management gives Monnit sensors up to 10 years of battery life—more than any other brand!

global rf frequencies

Monnit sensors can be used globally as they support international frequencies (900, 940, 868, and 433 MHz). Monitor anywhere!