Adding a User to Your iMonnit Online Account

If you have an iMonnit Premiere subscription, you can add multiple users to your iMonnit Online account (iMonnit Basic only supports a single user). This article will provide steps for adding an additional user to your iMonnit Online account. For information on upgrading to iMonnit Premiere, see the following article: Premiere Subscription Expiration/Renewal.


  • Log into your iMonnit Online account.
  • From an Administrator user, click the Users tab in the Primary Menu in the left-hand sidebar.
    Add User
  • Fill out the New User details.
  • Click Submit.
    New User Details


After creating the user, the user will be available to log in and interact with the iMonnit Online account and devices as per their permissions. If their Notification Details are configured, they will also be available to be added as a recipient of Actions. For additional inquiries, feel free to contact Monnit Support.

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