Shorting a Sensor's Battery Terminals

When a sensor is not connecting to gateway or loses connection and is unable to reconnect, shorting the sensors battery terminals can dissipate residual charge and prompt a sensor to reconnect to a gateway. If you encounter a sensor that is losing connection or does not seem to connect, this may be a useful step. This is especially useful for sensors with AA battery enclosures with firmware prior to 17.x.x.x.

  • You will need to retrieve a small copper jumper wire or similar conductive material (such as a metal paper clip).
  • You will need to open the sensor to expose the battery cage.
  • Take the small copper jumper wire (or paperclip) and tap the two battery contacts (discussed below) simultaneously with each end of the wire (tapping one end of the wire to one contact, and the other end of the wire to the other contact at the same time) several times.
For AA sensors

This is most effective for sensors with AA form factors. The two terminals you will jump are the two terminals on the left-hand portion of the battery cage (when looking at the sensor with the cover removed and the battery cage portioned toward the top of the sensor) as shown in the image below.
AA Sensor Battery Short
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For Industrial sensors

Industrial sensors only have a single battery. Therefore, you will jump one side of the battery cage (+ end) to the other side of the cage (- end).
Industrial Battery Short
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For Coincell sensors

The Coincell sensors can be jumped by touching the wire to the top of the small battery cage (+ end) to the bottom of the cage where the circuit board is (- end).
Coincell Battery Short
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