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MonnitSense Newsletter - June 2012
Featured Wireless Sensor

Monnit Wireless Sensor
Kits for Data Centers

Monnit wireless sensors kit

Monnit Wireless Sensor Kits provide a simple way to reliably monitor server rooms or data centers. It's as easy as 1,2,3... simply select 1 wireless water sensor, 2 wireless humidity sensors and 3 wireless temperature sensors. Monnit wireless sensor kits provide a "bundled" discount on six wireless sensors and a wireless gateway (USB / Ethernet / Cellular) to get you started. All Monnit wireless sensors come with FREE online sensor monitoring through the iMonnit Online Monitoring System which provides access to all of your wireless sensor data and can alert you via SMS text or email if a user defined parameter is met or exceeded. Install these easy-to-use sensors to begin monitoring your server rooms or data centers, then continue to customize your system with additional sensors and options as needed (each wireless gateway supports up to 100 wireless sensors).

Monnit Wireless Sensor Features
    • 900, 868 and 433MHz operating frequencies
    • 250 - 300 ft. non-line-of-sight range
    • Electronics operating temp: -20° to 60°C (-4° to 140°F)

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Glimpse of the future
We Listened!

New Advanced Repeater

Monnit Advanced Repeater

We have made some recent enhancements to the Monnit Wireless Sensor Repeater.

The new enhancements include optimizations to conserve sensor power, improve range and integrate data storage to ensure sensor data is not lost.


Monnit wireless repeaters allow you to extend the coverage area of your wireless sensor network by relaying information between your wireless sensors and the wireless gateway.

The new advanced wireless repeater will be available by the end of June. To learn more about the new wireless repeater, or to inquire about availability please email sales@monnit.com.

Web Special
Monnit Web Special

Glimpse of the future

Crystal Ball

Let's take a look in our crystal ball to see what the future holds at Monnit?

Monnit's development team is hard at work developing a new industrial gateway. The industrial gateway is a standalone gateway that conforms to Modbus RTU/ASCII interface on both RS232 and RS485 serial level protocols, allowing you to easily integrate Monnit wireless sensors into existing systems. This new gateway is a great addition to the Monnit product lineup and should be available in the near future. If you would like to learn more about this product or be notified when it becomes available, please email us at sales@monnit.com.

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Application of the Month

Bed Bugs

Using Wireless Temperature Sensors for Thermal Remediation

Getting rid of a bed bug infestation is not an easy task. Most cases of bed bug infestation are treated using pesticides by a pest-control expert, however resistance to pesticides has increased significantly over time and there are concerns of negative health effects from their use. Mechanical approaches such as heat treatment have been recommended.

The thermal remediation process for removing bed bugs, is to bring the temperature of a room up to 120°F for 2 hours. In order for this process to be effective it is important that every area maintains the required temperature for the given amount of time. So, how do you know that those little nooks and crannies are reaching the right temperature? We recommend using Monnit's affordable wireless temperature sensors to monitor temperatures throughout the treatment area. There are no wires to worry about, and the setup process is amazingly simple.

We have many exterminators using our temp sensors for this application, so should you!

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Tech Tip of the Month

by The WiSe Guys

WiSe Guys

Using Monnit Industrial Sensors.

Monnit's industrial wireless sensors are robust and weatherproof, perfect for use outdoors or in industrial applications. Since these wireless sensors are weather sealed, we thought we would provide this little tech tip, to help you understand how to use our industrial sensors.

In order for the sensor to function properly, you will need to attach the included antenna. Simply screw the antenna onto the barrel connector on the top of the device. Make sure to snug the antenna connection, but do not over tighten. When placing the sensor, make sure to mount the sensor with the antenna oriented straight up (vertical) to ensure the best wireless radio signal.

Since the electronics are sealed within the sensor housing, we have added an "On/Off" switch to the unit for your convenience. If you are not using the sensor, simply leave the button in the off position to preserve battery life. If the sensor needs to be reset for any reason, you can simply cycle the power by turning the switch to the "Off" position and waiting 30 seconds before powering back on.

The industrial sensors come with a single, long-life 3.6 Volt Lithium Battery. The battery is industrial grade and can handle the operating temperature range of the sensors main circuit board (-20° C to 85° C). In order to change the battery, simply remove the 4 screws from the top section of the sensor. Remove the sensor enclosure lid, taking care not to dislodge or tear the lid seal. Remove and replace the battery with a single 3.6 Volt AA battery.

Note: The replacement battery is not a standard AA battery (which are rated at 1.5 Volt). Make sure to replace the battery with a single 3.6 Volt AA. (Part# Tadiran TL-2100).

The below image shows the location of the lid screws and the power switch.

Monnit Industrial Sensor

For more information on using Monnit wireless sensors, visit the support section of our website.

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