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Welcome to the inaugural issue of Monnit Corporation's monthly newsletter. Herein you will find updates on our revolutionary line of wireless sensors, new product announcements, tips and best practices for using or integrating wireless sensors into various applications as well as a listing of our upcoming events. We appreciate your patronage and support. We are certain this newsletter will be beneficial to you and encourage your feedback on how to make this a better tool for you.

- The Monnit Team

Featured Wireless Sensor

Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensor

Temperature Sensors Monnit wireless temperature sensors use an external thermistor to measure temperature with more accuracy and greater thermal range. These sensors are perfect for fast changing, temperature critical applications such as coolers or heaters. Only $30. More Info »

Our Wireless Temperature Sensor comes as part of our Wireless Sensor Sampler Kit, available in the Monnit Store for only $129. Visit The Store »

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New Product

OEM Wireless Sensor Kits

OEM Wireless Sensor Kits

Monnit's OEM wireless sensor development platform is designed to provide you access to our core technology and wireless radios, allowing you to develop custom applications by adding a wide variety of sensor technology to our wireless radio platform. Learn More »

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In this issue

Tech Tip of the Month

by The WiSe Guys (Get It? WiSe is short for Wireless Sensors.)

WiSe Guys

How To Place a Wireless Sensor

  • Be conscious of infrastructure obstacles such as HVAC conduit, wiring etc.
  • Assess area for evolving and seasonal obstructions such as foliage.
  • Conduct a site survey.
  • Place sensors as high as possible.
  • Continually monitor signal strength.
  • Use a signal repeater. (Monnit signal repeater coming early Fall).
    See our Sensor Placement Application Note for More Information »
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