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MonnitSense Newsletter - November 2018


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Best-in-Class Cloud Meets World's Best Sensors

Monnit is now an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner giving you even more ways to leverage your data. You can enable data to flow from iMonnit to AWS—integrating it with other data hosted there. Sensor configuration is still as easy as ever within the iMonnit interface, and data is available in both AWS and iMonnit. At AWS re:Invent 2018, Fender discussed how the AWS and iMonnit integration has helped streamline their production process.

Fender Integrates Data From Monnit Sensors Into Amazon Web Services

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Building on their success with Monnit Sensors, Fender has enhanced their manufacturing process further by aggregating IoT readings in a custom AWS-based application. Aggregating the IoT data with data from other sources allows for a single-hub approach to production management.

Fender uses Monnit temperature and humidity sensors and other devices to streamline factory operations while preventing unnecessary errors and costly material loss. The AWS-based system has replaced inefficient manual processes, improved output yield, and delivered a consistency that drives Fender’s brand value.

Hear more about Fender’s IoT-fueled manufacturing optimizations in their AWS re:Invent 2018 presentation.

(iMonnit is mentioned at 41:30):

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See You in Vegas!

We are bringing our innovative remote monitoring solutions to the world’s biggest tech event: CES. January 8–11, we’re showcasing our wireless sensors and more at booth 2323 in the IoT infrastructure pavilion of the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. See you there!


Nov 20, 2018 Monnit and RoviTracker Form Partnership
Oct 4, 2018 Monnit and Glassbeam Ink Partnership Agreement
Oct 3, 2018 Monnit's ALTA Wireless Humidity Sensors Get an Upgrade
Sept 13, 2018 Monnit Launches Korean Company to Meet Global IoT Demand
Aug 29, 2018 Monnit and Cradlepoint Partner to Deliver Wireless Sensor-to-Cloud Connectivity
July 26, 2018 Monnit Releases New ALTA Smart Thermostat


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iMonnit Enterprise Updates Bring You
Enhanced Functionality

Recent updates to the iMonnit Enterprise software enhance usability and capabilities. Updates include a more user-friendly installer with integrated, prerequisite validation, as well as support for new sensors in Monnit's growing line, such as the Air Quality sensor.

devices running iMonnit

Your Data Your Way: Software & Hardware

Monnit has software and hardware solutions for monitoring vital processes and environments and hosting this sensitive data locally (often referred to as an “on-prem” solution) fulfilling critical needs within industry and government. On-premises sensor and data management allows organizations to comply with data-protection regulations via in-house security protocols and firewalls.

Supporting diverse users, Monnit offers two solutions: iMonnit Enterprise (software license) and the iMonnit Enterprise Appliance (iMonnit preinstalled on PC/server). Each option is compatible with Monnit’s 60+ sensor types and provides user notifications via text message, email, or voice call, and gives users the choice of:

Software ready for server install—iMonnit Enterprise Software

The software-only option is ideal for firms with existing IT infrastructures and database personnel. When installed on a company’s existing server, the software manages data from Monnit’s wireless sensors. The user-friendly platform provides the same user experience as though the user were using Monnit's software in the cloud-iMonnit Premiere.

Enterpirise Appliance

A drop-in device—iMonnit Enterprise Appliance

A plug-and-play solution for small and mid-sized organizations, iMonnit Enterprise Appliance features the iMonnit Enterprise software pre-installed on an IoT-optimized PC. This turnkey device does not require an existing server environment, saving you time and money.

Whether enhancing in-house data acquisition for analysis and action or accommodating specific security needs, iMonnit Enterprise software and hardware solutions have your on-site data needs covered.

Explore on-site data management with iMonnit Enterprise


"I called Monnit recently about getting some sensors to monitor my refrigerators in my grocery store—we're a small shop. The rep was very knowledgeable and helped me pick out the right sensors."

"Their products are an excellent value. Using the installation guides, I was able to install my sensors without trouble. They have been working now for a little over three months with no issues. I will use their products again in the future should the need arise."

– Joe G., Grocery Store Owner

Grocery store refrigerators


MQTT Support

Wireless Vehicle Detect Tube:
Coming Soon to a Business Near You

Monnit’s upcoming Vehicle Detect Tube enables businesses to monitor traffic—optimizing service or security. Developed for a national maintenance chain, the wireless sensor collects vehicle count and times from a pneumatic tube that can be anchored to a service bay or driveway. Data is transmitted for analysis, and user-defined alerts can be issued via text message, email, or voice call.

Hardware highlights

The Vehicle Detect Tube’s unobtrusive enclosure features a magnetic switch, allowing staff to easily power the device on or off while preventing accidental tampering by customers.

Software highlights

iMonnit software simplifies data analysis with multiple settings that determine if the tube was stepped on or driven over.


    Automotive service:
       -Optimize staffing, monitor self-service kiosks, or track vehicle service time and length.

    Facility Maintenance:
       -Monitor traffic flow or after-hours access.

       -Detect arrivals at a vacant home or off-site facility.

Find out more about simplified vehicle detection by emailing sales@monnit.com


Remotly monitoring Power Status using iMonnit

Get Your Power Status at Every Level:
Comprehensive Power Monitoring

Confident that your remote facility has consistent power? Worried about your costly machinery? Concerned a battery may be on its way out? Gain power confidence even when you're not on site:

 1. Facility level Determine whether a remote location has power
 2. Equipment level Verify that equipment
has power
 3. Battery level Ensure proper output from crucial batteries

Facility level: determine whether a remote facility has power

Is there a power outage at your remote facility? When a battery-backup cell gateway loses line power, the gateway notifies iMonnit. Choose to be alerted via text message, email, or voice alert so you know instantly when your facility loses power.

Find out more about wireless gateways with battery backup

Equipment level: verify equipment has power The 3 levels of Power Management
The Power Monitoring Funnel

Know your operation is running smoothly—even when you have to be somewhere else. Voltage detection ensures your equipment is getting the power it needs. Get a text message, email, or voice alert if there is a loss of power at the machine level. Find out more about remote voltage detection:

Wireless Voltage Detection Sensors - 500 VAC Detector
Wireless Voltage Detection Sensors - 50 VDC Detector

Battery level: ensure power output from crucial batteries

The cold hits batteries hard. Knowing battery health is a vital part of ensuring continuous operation. Check on your batteries from anywhere via the online portal or mobile app. Set a threshold and receive alerts via text message, email, or voice if output falls below your setting. Find out more about remote voltage metering:

Wireless Voltage Meters - 0-500 VAC/VDC Meter

Discover more about Monnit Wireless Power Monitoring >>


Attend a webinar to learn how Monnit products and services can help you

TECH TIP  by The WiSe Guys

WiSe Guys

Using Monnit Sensors to
Remotely Monitor Boiler Systems

With the change in seasons, we sometimes see fluctuations in our heating or cooling needs. Whether you are located in Florida where temps are hovering in the 80s, or Oregon where the weather is in the mid 20s it is important to keep track of your heating and cooling systems to make sure they are performing as needed. Monnit provides an easy-to-use remote monitoring solution to track heating and cooling systems for efficiency and preventive maintenance.

To get started, we suggest purchasing a Monnit HVAC Monitoring starter bundle as it will include all the devices needed to remotely monitor one HVAC or boiler system. A bundle can be purchased here. Alternately you can purchase the devices separately if you wish to use a different gateway or coin cell version of some sensors for the indoor portion of the installation.

The devices we recommend are:

Boiler System Installation
Before starting any part of this installation process, shut power off to the boiler system. Start by installing a Monnit wireless gateway. The gateway can be located anywhere in the building where it has access to power and a decent cellular signal (for Cellular gateways), access to an internet router (Ethernet gateways), or access to a PC (USB gateways).

We recommend using a Monnit industrial wireless quad temperature sensor which has 4 independent temperature probes that can monitor and collect temperature readings for key areas of the boiler system. Each temperature probe is labeled 1 through 4, these can be renamed in the software after initial installation.

Start by connecting each of the temperature probes to the pipes feeding the radiators, making note of which probe you are connecting to each. Depending on the number of zones you have you may want to add additional sensors if you would like to track them all. Alternately if you have fewer zones, you can also track the radiant return line or ambient temperature near the boiler. When connecting a temperature probe to any of the boiler pipes, we recommend using a zip tie to securely fasten the probe tight against the bare metal pipe. After securing the temperature probe, use thermal tape to completely wrap the probe to the pipe to provide a thermal barrier allowing the sensor to get a more accurate reading of the pipe temperatures. We also recommend using a wireless duct temperature sensor or a wireless temperature sensor (with probe) to monitor the outside ambient air.

The Monnit industrial wireless AC current meter (150 Amp) can be used to track the current draw of the boiler pump. The AC current meter uses a clip-on current transformer that should be clamped around the "hot" power wire feeding the boiler pump. Excessive current draw by the pump can signify that the pump is beginning to fail and should be checked and/or serviced.

Discover how an ALTA HVAC Monitoring Kit helps increase reliability and decrease maintenance costs


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