Calibrating Wireless Temperature Sensors

Instructions for calibrating Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensors.

Did you know that you can calibrate a wireless temperature sensor to make it more accurate for your application? The Monnit® wireless temperature sensor is accurate to +/- 1°C (1.8°F) and calibration to the sensor’s working environment provides even greater accuracy. To calibrate your sensors, open your favorite browser and log in to your iMonnit® account at

  • Once logged into the system, from the overview page, click on the sensor you would like to calibrate. This drops down the sensor details.
  • Click the “Calibrate” tab.
  • Make note of the last reading the sensor returned.
  • Enter the actual temperature that the sensor should have returned.
  • Click the “Calibrate” button.

Calibrating a Wireless Temperature Sensor

It will take the sensor up to 2 heartbeats to fully calibrate. Do not attempt any further calibrations until at least 2 heartbeats have elapsed. The calibration function is a linear calibration so it is recommended that you calibrate the sensor in the environment that it will be measuring. (It is not advised to calibrate a temperature sensor to room temperature and then place the sensor in a cooler or freezer.)