Rules - Pausing a Sensor's Rule Function While the Rule is Triggering

Pausing a sensor’s Rule function while the Rule is triggering

There may be scenarios in which you wish to pause a sensor’s Rule function while the sensor has already triggered a Rule. Doing so from a sensor that triggered the Rule will automatically Disarm/Rearm the Rule, and the sensor will no longer trigger the Rule to send notifications.

Why this might be useful

If you wish to Disarm/Rearm a Rule that is in the process of sending a notification as a result of a sensor triggered Condition, and also want to indefinitely pause that sensor from triggering notifications, you can do this at the same time by clicking one button.

What to know

The Pause feature of the triggering sensor must be enabled before any other assigned devices. If you have multiple devices that are assigned to the same Rule, it is worth noting that only pausing the Rule of the sensor that triggered the current notification will Disarm/Rearm the Rule. Therefore if you have a Rule that is configured to be triggered by several different sensors, one of the sensors triggers that Rule, but you first click the Pause button on a different sensor, it will not Disarm/Rearm the Rule, and the Rule will continue to send on it’s configured Snooze. In this case, you would need to manually Disarm the Rule to stop it from sending on its Snooze.

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