Checking that the Enterprise Wireless Gateway Server Service is Running with iMonnit Enterprise

The Enterprise Wireless Gateway Server is a service that runs in the Services.msc program of Windows on an iMonnit Enterprise server. This server is responsible for accepting incoming communications from gateways transmitting data to the server on the configured port (by default port 3000). This service must be running in order for gateways to send data to the iMonnit Enterprise server.

Summary of steps

  • Access the iMonnit Enterprise server
  • From a user that has the proper permissions, launch the Services.msc program in Windows (searching “services” in Windows search should access Services)
  • In the list of services, locate Enterprise Wireless Gateway Server
  • Check that the status is “running”
  • If the status is “stopped”, right click the service and select “Start Service”

You can confirm communication is being accepted by the gateway by using the Communication Check Utility. Information about this can be found in the section called The Enterprise Wireless Gateway Server of this article.

Symptoms of the service not running

If the Enterprise Wireless Server service is not running on the Enterprise server, you will find that all of the gateways and sensors added to the server will be unable to communicate. If you find that all of your devices have stop sending data to your server, this is the first thing to check.

Possible causes of the service stopping

Some common causes of the service stopping are listed below.

  • Windows updates
  • Permissions not allowing the permission to run on start up
  • Security software
  • Problems with Activation Key

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