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  • iMonnit HX Heartbeat Credits - 250k Pack
iMonnit HX Heartbeat Credits - 250k Pack

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iMonnit HX is available to anyone using the iMonnit Premiere sensor cloud with an annual subscription. With the iMonnit HX feature enabled, users still have the same feature set as an iMonnit Premiere license with the ability to configure heartbeats from 1-9 minutes.

iMonnit HX is purchased in bundles of 250K, 1.3M and 5.5M credits (unlike iMonnit Premiere which is an annual license fee based on the number of sensors being monitored on an account.). An iMonnit HX credit is equal to one heartbeat, or one data message. Once the credits are live on the user’s accounts, they may select which sensors require faster heartbeats. They may assign all of the sensors to have faster heartbeats, or assign a faster heartbeat to only a few sensors. The more sensors assigned a faster heartbeat, the quicker the credit bundles are consumed. A credit will be consumed when a sensor heartbeat (data message) occurs that is set between 1 and 9 minutes.

To calculate the credit package, and how quickly you might consume credits, please open our Calculator to evaluate which bundle is best for your needs.

Important Purchasing Information

If you are already an iMonnit Premiere user, please purchase your iMonnit HX credits through the iMonnit software interface, and not through the iMonnit Store. Log in to imonnit.com.

If you are a Monnit partner and plan to resell the iMonnit HX offering to your customer base, please purchase the credits through the shopping cart on this page. Once purchased, you will be sent a redemption code that can be activated by your customer under the "Credits" section in iMonnit.