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  • iMonnit Sensor Print - 500 Pack
iMonnit Sensor Print - 500 Pack

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SensorPrints™ is the industry’s only end-to-end Internet of Things data authentication platform for low-power wireless sensors. SensorPrints authenticates data by issuing a unique fingerprint for each device within the IoT. Data is secured from the point of generation to the point of consumption. Easy to install and use, SensorPrints is the definitive IoT security solution for any enterprise.

Important Purchasing Information

If you are already an iMonnit Premiere user, please purchase your SensorPrints through the iMonnit software interface, and not through the iMonnit Store. Log in to imonnit.com.

If you are a Monnit partner and plan to resell SensorPrints to your customer base, please purchase the credits through the shopping cart on this page. Once purchased, you will be sent a redemption code that can be activated by your customer under the "Credits" section in iMonnit.

Note: SensorPrints requires sensor and gateway firmware ver. 16.34.x.x or greater to work. Sensors available in this firmware include: