Wireless Sensor Performance Comparison

Wireless IoT Sensor Platforms
Performance Power Consumption Networking
Solution Wireless Range (Indoors) Reliability
Radio Frequency Battery Life Data Rate Subscription
Type Security Over-the-air Updates
Monnit ALTA 1,200+ ft. FHSS (9) Global (Uncluttered)* 12 years (2xAA) Low/High Variable None Star 128 AES / 256 ECDH YES
Monnit Standard 300 ft. FSK (7) Global (Uncluttered) 5 years Fixed None Star None No
Competitor A 1,000+ ft.
(Not specified)
BPSK (6) EU, Americas 3 years Low Fixed*** Yes - $$ LPWAN None specified Not specified
Competitor B 1,000+ ft.
(Not specified)
CSS** (6) EU, Americas 1.5 years Low Variable Yes - $$ LPWAN None specified No
Competitor C 75 ft. DSSS (7) Global (Cluttered) 1-2 years High Fixed None Mesh 128 bit AES Not specified
Bluetooth 50 ft. DQPSK (8) Global (Cluttered) 20 years High Variable None Star 128 AES / 256 ECDH Not specified
WiFi 100 ft. QPSK (7) Global (Cluttered) 1 year Very High Variable None Star WEP, WPA, WPA2, Enterprise WPA, Enterprise WPA2 Not specified
* Currently available in global RF frequencies (900 MHz, 868 MHz and 433 MHz).
** Product is highly susceptible to “Narrowband Noise”
*** Packets must be fragmented into 12 byte data packets