Remote Temperature Monitoring

Monnit solutions help you maintain proper temperatures and alert you in real time if temperatures go outside their optimal range.

Make Sure Critical Assets and Environments Stay Within Preset Temperatures

It’s easy to track temperature changes with Monnit Temperature Sensors.

The heat is on.

There’s a lot at stake when you manage high-value equipment and assets or perishable products. So much hinges on optimal temperatures, ranges of temperature, and humidity.

Regional or even global food chain safety could be at risk without critical remote temperature monitoring. You could lose thousands or even millions of dollars from spoiled commodities. Or, if you can’t keep your data center cool, it could mean equipment downtime, productivity disruption, and damage to your bottom line. Plus, people could suffer or even die if temperature-sensitive COVID-19 vaccines and other vital pharmaceuticals in ultralow temperature freezers (-80°C/-112°F and below) aren’t remotely monitored throughout the cold chain process.

The need for real-time, remote temperature monitoring systems is critical for numerous applications in almost every industry. With Monnit Remote Temperature Monitoring Solutions, you can proactively prevent spoilage, damage, or unsafe conditions with instant alerts.

Meet industry-specific or health-related regulations and maintain data-logging compliance.

Monnit can help you automate your record-keeping practices to comply with Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Our Temperature Sensors can deliver reliable readings that are authentic, encrypted, and confidential. We can help ensure your sensor readings and records are secure and logged correctly.

We can also help you meet the temperature and humidity requirements of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety management system mandated by the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA).

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Remote Monitoring for Business - How Monnit Works

Gain Greater Peace of Mind with Remote Temperature Monitoring.

Get real-time alerts if your climate changes.

Keep temperatures dialed in.

We can help you protect and manage a broad range of equipment, environments, inventory, and processes—even products in production, in transit, or on the shelf. Monnit Temperature Monitoring Solutions offer a host of ways for you to monitor the temperature of nearly anything.

Whether you're looking to maintain optimal temperatures for a full production line of commercial ovens or maintain cold chain integrity from coast to coast, we’ve got you covered. Monnit boasts a complete line of Temperature Monitoring Solutions fit for virtually any application. Stay alerted in real time to ensure optimal temperatures of critical assets, equipment, and facilities with our Temperature Sensors: Standard, High, Low, Duct, Digital, Thermocouple, and Humidity.

Our Temperature Sensors feature:

  • Expansive temperature measurement range: -200°C (-328°F) to +370°C (+700°F)
  • Multiple sensor transmission choices: Wireless, Power over Ethernet (PoE), and Wi-Fi
  • Exceptional wireless range: up to 1,200 feet non-line of sight through 12+ walls
  • Immediate alert delivery: via text, email, or call
  • Reliable onboard sensor memory: up to 50k readings
  • Automated data collection to comply with: Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations Part 11 (21 CFR Part 11) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) programs

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Always keep tabs on the temperature of high-value and perishable assets.

Get real-time alerts when it matters most.

Take the temperature of virtually anything.

Our versatile line of Standard Temperature Sensors can help you remotely monitor temperatures between -40°F (-40°C) to 257°F (125°C) in virtually any environment or facility. You can use the sensors for various industry applications in real estate, extermination, agriculture, health care, food services, manufacturing, and many more. Or, let us customize one of our Standard Temperature Sensors for your unique application.

WiFi temperature sensor

Arid climates and assets like production facilities, commercial ovens, furnaces, and boilers require precise high temperatures that may need monitoring 24/7. Our Wireless and PoE High Temperature Sensors remotely measure temperature ranges of -50°C to +370°C (-58°F to +700°F) and will immediately alert you if an environment or asset moves outside of a preset parameter.

high temperature sensor

It’s critical to maintain low temperatures for highly sensitive environments, processes, and assets when managing a cold chain, lab, temporary immunization clinic, or hospital. Monnit’s family of Wireless and PoE Low Temperature Sensors can help you remotely monitor a range of -200°C to +162°C/-328°F to +325°F to help you keep valuable and vital assets like COVID-19 vaccines safe.

Power over Ethernet low temperature sensor

You can know at a moment’s notice the air temperature in an HVAC supply plenum and any attached ductwork with our Wireless and PoE Duct Temperature Sensors. They’ll help you remotely and accurately monitor duct temperatures from -40°F to 302°F (-40°C to 150°C) while maintaining a sealed system. This way, you’ll easily keep environments safe and people comfortable.

compact duct temperature sensor

It should only take a push of a button to get an instant read on temperatures between -40°F (-40°C) to 257°F (125°C) in a food service refrigerator, a biochemical lab, or pharmaceutical storage. Our Digital Temperature Sensor offers a quick update of a critical temperature reading on a four-digit LCD in one click. We’ll help you maintain data retrieval and redundancy mandates across your operations.

digital temperature sensor

If you need to remotely monitor assets or materials in high humidity and high temperatures up to 400°C (752°F) like in a boiler, commercial oven, kiln, or chimney, our trio of Wireless Thermocouple Sensors can easily make it happen. These commercial, industrial-grade sensors are ideal for a wide range of high-temperature applications in many settings.

wireless thermocouple

When you manage priceless artifacts in a museum, expensive systems in a data center, or valuable plants in a vineyard or greenhouse, maintaining relative humidity (RH) is critical. With our versatile two-in-one, scientific-grade Humidity Sensors, you can receive actionable intelligence about RH and temperature via text, email, or call to help you preserve key assets and prevent damage or loss.

humidity and temperature sensor
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Award-winning technology and 15-minute setup mean adding powerful remote monitoring to your business is easy.

easy setup

Monnit's sensors can be set up within 15 minutes. An intuitive PC or smartphone interface simplifies sensor deployment.

exceptional wireless range

Get the freedom of 2,000+ ft. through 18+ walls of wireless range thanks to one of the most powerful sensor connectivity platforms.

80+ sensor types

With over 80 different sensor types (and counting), there is a monitoring solution for virtually any business.

award winning technology

Monnit’s technology has won several engineering and sensor awards that validate performance, quality, and innovation.

low power long life

Industry-exclusive power management gives Monnit sensors up to 10 years of battery life—more than any other brand!

global rf frequencies

Monnit sensors can be used globally as they support international frequencies (900, 940, 868, and 433 MHz). Monitor anywhere!