MaxStream Founders Give Engineers a Way to Market Wireless Sensors

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Midvale, Utah – Two former founders of MaxStream Inc, the leading embedded wireless networking company acquired by Digi International in 2006, are taking a unique approach to bringing wireless sensor products to market. Brad Walters and Nick Mecham have partnered at Monnit Corporation, to invite engineers desiring to introduce wireless sensors to collaborate with them through a web-based program called “Submit your Sensors.”

This initiative provides deep marketing resources to engineers who have viable low-cost sensor technology ready for introduction to the market.

“During our time at MaxStream, we were approached by many of our wireless customers requesting sensor technology - but that wasn’t our business at the time,” said Brad Walters, Monnit’s CEO. “While selling our wireless technology, we met with many creators of custom sensors that had never considered expanding their offering beyond their niche market focus. As we launch Monnit, our intent with ‘Submit Your Sensors’ is to do just that - invite engineers who have developed unique sensor technology to allow us to review and potentially sell their wireless sensor technology to a larger audience through us and our growing networks.”

The “Submit Your Sensors” website is a portal for design engineers to present their sensors for review by answering a few questions. If the wireless sensor technology seems to fit the Monnit plan, they will be contacted to further discuss working together towards an agreement.

Nick Mecham, Executive Vice President at Monnit added, “We want to give entrepreneurial engineers with solid wireless sensor technology the chance to join us at the table and generate income from their inventions.”

About Monnit, Corp. and “Submit Your Sensors”

“Submit Your Sensors” is a website developed by the team at Monnit, Corp. Monnit is focused on the design, manufacture and marketing of low cost, wireless sensor solutions directed at the commercial and industrial markets. The company leverages their extensive knowledge of proprietary and standards based mesh networking (IEEE 802.15.4/Zigbee), industrial manufacturing, marketing and selling to their target markets.

For more information, visit, or contact Monnit at 801-561-5555.

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