Monnit Creates New Business Partner Program for Resellers and OEMs to Capitalize on The Internet of Things

IoT Business Partner Program

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – April 29, 2015 – Monnit Corporation, a leading provider of wireless monitoring and sensing solutions for commercial and industrial clients, today announced the establishment of its Business Partner Program. The program details products and services offered to those wishing to partner with Monnit as either value added resellers, system integrators or OEMs to bring the power of the Internet of Things to a wide range of companies and organizations.

“The Internet of Things is growing at a break-neck rate,” said Brad Walters, CEO, Monnit Corporation. “We are seeing a dramatic increase in inquiries from people and companies that want to take their existing products or services to the next level by capitalizing on the Internet of Things. Our new business partner program streamlines the process of getting new partners setup quickly and providing them with all the necessary tools to succeed in both selling and integrating with Monnit products and services.”

“We partnered with Monnit because they truly understand the needs of solution providers and resellers,” said Brett Bayvel, Director, Sensor Monitoring and Remote Technologies (SMART). “Thousands of customers look to our company for specialized expertise and the ability to deliver the highest quality solutions. Monnit’s Business Partner Program provides us with the products, support and tools we need to offer best-in-class remote monitoring solutions to our customers.”

Monnit’s current product offerings include more than 80 different wireless sensor types, wireless control and robust, reliable wireless gateways that are available in commercial and industrial platforms. Monnit enables users to remotely monitor information and activities such as temperature, access, presence of water, light, humidity, vibration, movement and much more. The products are accompanied by a secure, cloud hosted monitoring software which aggregates sensor information into an easy to use interface and sends notifications via text, email or voice calls if user-defined conditions are met or go outside set parameters.

Monnit products are available to business partners as either Monnit-branded solutions for direct resale or as private-label products, allowing partners to sell the solution as their own.

For more information on Monnit’s Business Partner Program, call (801) 561-5555 or visit

About Monnit Corp.
Monnit is a leader in the design and manufacturing of turnkey, self-installing, low cost wireless sensor solutions targeted at the commercial and industrial markets. Monnit’s sensing solutions are easily installed and used by anyone wanting to remotely monitor information and activities around a variety of variables (i.e. temperature, motion, humidity, vibration, etc.) and receive alerts based on user defined conditions. Monnit products are fully tested, FCC, CE and IC compliant for use anywhere in the world. For more information, visit

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