29 Jul

Ye Ol’ Geezer Meat Shop Prevents Food Spoilage With Monnit

Remote Monitoring for meat shop

If you are looking for the best beef jerky, many people will say that you can find it in Moab, Utah at Ye Ol’ Geezer Meat Shop. Ye Ol’ Geezer Meat Shop is a family-run business and provides the finest quality of naturally aged beef, chicken, fresh pork, seafood, deli meats, and cheeses.

The company is decades old and has been using the same equipment since 1994. Ye Ol’ Geezer Meat Shop has suffered minimal equipment failure, but due to the fear of a major malfunction The Old Geezer himself installed Monnit temperature sensors to predict any refrigeration failures, prevent spoilage, and prevent any other disasters from occurring. Monnit allows Geezer and his family to spend more time with their customers, giving them the best advice and recommendations, and less time worrying about their stock.

Read the full article from IoT Journal and see how Ye Ol’ Geezer Meat Shop planned their IoT strategy. Ye Ol’ Geezer Meat Shop Chills Out With the IoT

The article has also been published on RFID Journal at www.rfidjournal.com

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28 Jul

5 Common Server Room Hazards and Solutions

Data Cetner Monitoring

When it comes to security for your business’ network, you most likely think of viruses, data breaches, and other virtual threats. While these threats should be prevented, all the firewalls in the world won’t stop the physical dangers that are inside your building right now. These menaces include temperature, humidity, vibration, water leaks, and intrusion. These threats can damage equipment, force hardware to shutdown, and slow performance. Not recognizing all risks is a weakness many companies have when it comes to protecting their server rooms. It is important to identify, monitor, and report all hazards in your facility. Here are five common server room threats and how to prevent them:

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26 Jul

Why are Sensors Growing so Fast?


The Internet of Things (IoT) is not a trend: it is here to stay and is growing like wildfire. By 2020, Gartner predicts an estimated 20.8 billion devices around the globe will become connected to the Internet. A third of these devices will be smartphones, computers, tablets, and televisions. The other two-thirds of these devices will be sensors, actuators, and newly invented devices that optimize our worlds. By the end of 2020, sensors will make up 75% of the IoT industry, which will connect your car, refrigerator, home, and much more to the internet.

Businesses will become the top adopter of IoT solutions by 2020. Wireless sensors are giving companies opportunities to shift and grow their businesses, to lower operating costs, increase productivity, and expand to new markets. The government is predicted to being the second-largest adopter of the IoT, with the plan to use an IoT strategy to focus on decreasing costs and improving the quality of life for their citizens.

You can transform your business in real-time when you have an IoT strategy in place. Monnit has the technology and experience to help you put the IoT to work in your business today. Stop “running” your business, and start making it grow.

Monnit provides an enormous opportunity to protect your facilities, attract customers, increase profits, and scale your business. The Monnit Remote Monitoring System is the most intuitive, reliable, and cost-effective solution on the market. For more information, visit our website.

Want to become an OEM partner? Nearly $6 trillion will be spent on sensor solutions over the next five years according to Business Insider. Learn More About Becoming a Monnit Partner



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22 Jul

Managing Vacant and Foreclosed Properties

REmote Monitorinf for Vacant Properties

Vacant buildings and foreclosed homes are becoming more common in our cities and neighborhoods. These vacancies come in a variety of property types from commercial, industrial, retail, residential, and more. As we commonly look at these vacant properties, we think no attention is needed. “There’s nothing in there. What could go wrong?” Vacant properties are more susceptible to vandalism, criminal activity, and mother nature. If you are the owner of these properties, it is important to understand the dangers of these empty buildings, and take immediate steps to prevent them.

Keep Your Property Free of Trespassers
One of the biggest problems with vacant properties is trespassing. These intruders can vary from thieves, vandals, and squatters. Trespassers know when a property is vacant, and if given enough time these invaders can cause costly damages and repairs.

Weather and Other Damage
Even in a short amount of time, weather can cause significant damages to an unattended property. Securing doors, windows, and other small openings are also crucial to prevent damages from the wind, rain, snow and other forms of weather. During warmer months set the temperature to a minimum of 85° F to prevent damages due to humidity and mold. In the colder months, keep the temperature of a building or home at a lowest of 55° F to prevent pipes from freezing. It’s also important to monitor areas around water heaters, faucets, and toilets in case a leak occurs which can cause some very extensive damage if it’s not caught in time.

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19 Jul

How Does Your Business Hold up Against Humidity?

Office Humidity Monitoring

Temperatures are increasing again, and many areas of the United States are guaranteed for temperatures as high as 107° F this week. With high heat comes high humidity for most regions. How are you protecting your business from the heat and moisture?

The humidity in the air needs to be at the ideal level. Studies have shown that indoor humidity levels should between 40-60% for an optimal health and comfort standpoint. However, moisture levels above that can lead to one or more humidity-based problems such as damage to delicate machinery, corrosion of computer components, reduced air quality, and an increase in dangerous levels of bacteria, mold, and mildew.

Here are a few things to watch out for:

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14 Jul

Is Your Property Protected From Water Damage?

Monnit Solutions for Water Leak Detection

Many of us take a lot of pride in our homes and other properties, as we should. Whether your rent or own, you should do everything you can to protect your property. Disasters come in many forms, which is why we install smoke detectors and security systems. But what are you doing to protect your belongings from water damage?

Where do Water Leaks Occur? 

Homeowners and property managers often assume only the obvious places for water leak potential, such as toilets, water heaters, and sinks. Other areas should be considered for possible water leakage as well. For example, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machine, air conditioners/HVAC, radiators, and outdoor faucets.

Basements and crawl spaces should also be carefully monitored as these are the areas builders add to allow workers to easily put in piping and electrical wires. Imagine the amount of mold that could flourish from a small water leak in a dark, damp crawl space.

10 Places Water Leaks Can Occur in Your Home

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12 Jul

65% of Businesses are Incorporating IoT Solutions. Are you?

Monnit Internet of Things Solutions

In a recent Business Insider article, survey says most businesses already use the Internet of Things, BI Intelligence surveyed companies on how they use IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. The results came in with approximately 65% of enterprises are utilizing IoT solutions for business purposes. BI breaks down how these IoT solutions are being used with 66% of them using the IoT for risk management, 63% for machine monitoring, 33% to provide cellular data and Wi-Fi hotspots, and much more.

If you are unfamiliar with the Internet of Things, it is the network of physical objects (“things”) embedded with sensors, software, electronics, and network connectivity, which enables them to collect and exchange data. According to Julie Bort at Business Insider, if there is one technology that a company can benefit from its sensors. “Sensors can be programmed to sense the environment and share that information over the internet, such as locations of items, their temperature and so on.” Sensors allow you to get the most of your new and existing technology in a variety of ways.

If your business is not currently using the Internet of Things or under-using it’s potential, we would like to show you how easy it is to get started. Contact a Monnit Customer Service Representative by calling 801-561-5555 or use our online chat at www.monnit.com. You can also email us at info@monnit.com and view our products for more information.

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07 Jul

Remotely Monitor Self-Storage Facilities

Monnit Remote Monitoring Solutions for Self Storage Facilities

One of the main things people do when shopping for a storage unit is they look for a secure, well-maintained facility. Every successful storage unit owner has common traits that got them ahead in the industry: they notice problems and find ways to resolve them. If you are looking to get ahead in today’s highly competitive industry, then you will need to do the same.

Common Self-Storage Problems

Every year, storage unit renters suffer thousands of dollars in losses due to temperature, humidity, theft, and more. When a potential client is assessing their storage unit options, there are only a few factors that go into the decision-making process. The most crucial deciding factor other than price and location is security. According to the Self-Storage Almanac, break-ins or theft in recent years has been as high as 18.2%. In a similar way people use alarm systems and neighborhood watch programs to prevent criminals; you should be proactive about preventing crimes at your self-storage facility.

Another common problem with storage units is high humidity. A relative humidity of 60% or more increases the chance for molds, mildew, mites, rust, paper rot and wood degradation to occur. Many storage facilities rely on air-conditioning units to dry the air. Doing so doesn’t always work since high humidity is more likely to transpire at night, while AC units are commonly scheduled to run in the afternoon during high temperatures.

Depending on what renters intend to store, they may also consider a temperature controlled unit. How will you be notified if your AC unit stops working? In the past, these problems were difficult to manage. Thanks to Monnit you can prevent these issues and give yourself and your clients peace of mind.

The Monnit Solution

Monnit enables storage unit owners and renters to monitor and track various conditions of their units. Previously, available solutions were expensive and difficult to use. This has since changed with Monnit’s affordable remote monitoring solutions, which makes it easy to monitor multiple aspects of your facilities, from anywhere at any time via computer, smartphone or tablet and receive alerts via text, voice, email, or through a local alert system the moment there is an issue.

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