Wireless IoT Sensors Kit - Monnit ALTA

Many businesses are intimidated by the perceived complexities of the “Internet of Things” / IoT. Integrators of ALTA wireless sensors learn quickly that many of the barriers that have hindered IoT integration in the past have been overcome by the long range capabilities of the ALTA Wireless IoT Sensors Platform. RF performance is all about “link budget”. Link budget is measured decibels and factors all the gains and losses between wireless system transmitters and receivers. The formula includes variables such as power output, receiver sensitivity, antenna gain, interference (both radio and physical) and cables. Monnit has fine-tuned its radio technology to yield phenomenal range from minimal power output and consequently draw minimal power from batteries. Rock solid and groundbreaking science is embedded in each sensor.

Figure 1 – The long range capacity of ALTA Sensors >> 1000’+ through 12+ walls or ceilings
(TX = Transmitter, RX = Receiver)
ALTA 1000 feet wireless range - through walls and ceilings

When building a wireless sensor system – ultra long wireless range might be the standout feature of the ALTA Wireless IoT Platform – then long battery-life and bank-grade security round off the trifecta. When factoring these three features – Monnit’s ALTA Wireless IoT Platform has no peers – not even close. No where else in the world exists a wireless sensor that yields 1000`+ wireless range, 10-year battery life and 256 EDCH / 128 AES security. There are other features of course (On-board Data Memory, Over-the-Air Updates, FCC/CE Certifications, No Monthly Fees, etc.); but range, battery life and security are the signatures that set ALTA apart from any other solution.

Figure 2 – The IoT Performance Trifecta
1000’+ Wireless Range, 10+ Year Battery Life, Bank-grade Security (ECDH-256 encryption is used during initial linking of devices and the more battery-friendly AES-128 encryption is used to encrypt all subsequent data packets)
Wireless Range - Battery Life - 256-bit Security

A Million Applications… And We’re Just Getting Started
Here are 10 select kits that are listed to help get your mind around the possibilities of wireless IoT – these sensor kits typically can be setup-and-saving in less than 15 minutes.

Click image to learn more about the ALTA Wireless IoT Kits.
ALTA Wireless IoT Kits - applications specific