23 Jan

Monnit Signs Global Distribution Agreement with Mouser Electronics: Wireless Sensors and IoT Kits Now Available Through Mouser

Logos of Monnit Corporation and Mouser Electronics, Inc.

SALT LAKE CITYJanuary 25, 2019Monnit Corp announced a global distribution agreement with Mouser Electronics, Inc. Mouser now stocks Monnit’s wireless sensors, gateways and Internet of Things (IoT) starter kits.

“We are dedicated to enhancing product availability and support for our customers around the globe,” said Nick Mecham, VP of Business Development at Monnit. “Mouser has 23 locations around the world to provide best-in-class customer service. They ship to over 600,000 customers in 220 countries. We welcome them aboard.”

Monnit® ALTA® wireless sensors are an ecosystem of more than 60 sensor types that detect changes in a wide range of variables such as temperature, water presence, door position or electrical current. Monnit’s ALTA series devices offer an exceptional range of over 1,200 feet (non-line-of-sight) through more than 12 walls, plus Monnit Encrypt-RF® integrated security and onboard data memory. Extremely power efficient, ALTA sensors last over 12 years on 2 AA batteries.

Monnit Ethernet and cellular gateways allow Monnit wireless sensors to communicate with the iMonnit® cloud. The globally supported devices use an internet or cellular connection to connect with Monnit’s online servers, making deployment possible with or without an existing internet connection. Graphical iMonnit software streamlines network configuration, data viewing and alert configuration (SMS text, email or voice). iMonnit is available online or via free app.

Monnit Internet of Things Starter Kits feature enterprise-grade hardware and software to address the need for reliable loT solutions. IoT Starter Kits include everything needed to begin monitoring for a variety of applications including facilities, agricultural areas, corporate properties, commercial refrigeration, HVAC systems and server rooms.

To learn more, visit www.mouser.com/monnit.

About Monnit Corporation
Monnit is a leader in the design and manufacturing of cost-effective, turnkey wireless sensor solutions. Monnit’s solutions are used by customers wanting to remotely monitor a variety of variables (including temperature, motion, humidity and vibration) and receive alerts based on user-defined conditions. Discover more at monnit.com.

About Mouser
Mouser Electronics, a Berkshire Hathaway company, is an award-winning, authorized semiconductor and electronic component distributor focused on rapid New Product Introductions from its manufacturing partners for electronic design engineers and buyers. The global distributor’s website, Mouser.com, is available in multiple languages and currencies and features more than 5 million products from over 750 manufacturers. For more information, visit www.mouser.com.

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Press Contact:
Kamon Walker
(801) 561-5555

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15 Jan

Monnit Launches 4G LTE Gateway for IoT Sensors

Monnit ALTA 4G LTE International Gateway


SALT LAKE CITYJanuary 31, 2019 — Monnit Corporation (monnit.com) today announced the release of a new cellular gateway to meet the global demand for enterprise IoT deployment. The Monnit® 4G LTE International Gateway is based on a 4G LTE CAT-M1/ NB1 wireless engine and integrates Monnit’s wireless access point network (WAN) for use with Monnit Wireless Sensors. The gateway allows the sensors to operate on the world’s leading cellular networks.

“The Monnit 4G LTE International Gateway offers the best-in-class security, connectivity and reliability that customers around the world expect from Monnit,” said Brad Walters, CEO, Monnit. “We are constantly looking for ways to add value for enterprise customers. One of the challenges in the IoT space is the rapid pace of cellular hardware obsoletion. 4G LTE will give customers a solid cellular communication option for years to come.”

Monnit 4G LTE International Gateway features:

  • Bank-level security: Encrypt-RF® (256-bit key exchange and AES-128 CBC)
  • Uninterrupted data collection: onboard memory stores up to 50,000 sensor messages (data stored during internet outages is sent when connectivity is restored)
  • Redundant power: AC main power with battery backup lasting up to 24 hours
  • Future-proof software: over-the-air software upgrades included
  • Superior scalability: supports up to 100 Monnit Wireless Sensors
  • Broad compatibility: 4G LTE CAT-M1/ NB1 (deployed bands: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 12, 13, 20, 28)
  • LTE-only module for global use: AT&T, T-Mobile USA, Telstra, Verizon
  • Versatile SIM card compatibility: Mini-SIM (3FF) 15 mm x 12 mm x 0.76 mm
  • Unmatched wireless range: gateway communicates with battery-powered sensors 1,200 ft + away (non-line-of-site through 12+ walls)

Monnit cellular gateways communicate with the iMonnit® (cloud or on-premise) monitoring software via cellular transmission, making them ideal for remote locations or where internet is not available. The system aggregates sensor information and sends notifications via text or email if user-defined conditions are met or exceeded.

About Monnit Corporation
Monnit is the industry-leading innovator in developing self-installed, cost-effective wireless sensor solutions for commercial and industrial markets. Enterprise and SMB customers use Monnit sensors to remotely monitor 60+ variables (including temperature, motion, humidity and vibration) and receive alerts based on user-defined conditions. Products are fully tested for use anywhere in the world; they are FCC, CE, and IC compliant. Find your Monnit monitoring solution at monnit.com.

Press Contact:
Kamon Walker
(801) 561-5555

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