Monnit Launches All-New Ethernet Gateway with Increased Data Format Options

Ethernet IoT gateway

SALT LAKE CITY – April 29, 2019 – Monnit announced a new Ethernet gateway with enhanced data and network integration features. The Ethernet gateway 4 (EGW4) replaces prior versions of Ethernet gateways and is available for order today.

New features of the EGW4
  • New form factor with a smaller footprint
  • Updated SNMP interface: in addition to integers, the new gateway has additional OIDs to present the same data in HEX and string (human readable) format
  • Internet MIB is also implemented on the gateway for industry tools to auto discover the gateway and understand its features
  • The SNMP walk has been enhanced to only show data for valid OIDs (sensor data that exists in the system)
  • Modbus TCP and SNMP have been updated to support all new sensor profiles
Additional industry-leading features include
  • Wireless range of 1,200+ feet through 12+ walls
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS)
  • Improved interference immunity
  • Encrypt-RF® Security (Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange + AES-128 CBC for sensor data messages)
  • 15,000-sensor-message memory
  • Over-the-air updates (future proof)
  • True plug & play setup—no-hassle configuration
  • No PC required for operation
  • Local status LEDs with transmission and online status indicators

Be ready for the future of IoT. Order your EGW4 today!

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