Monnit Rolls Out Dual-Mode Wireless Vehicle Detector/Counter

vehicle detection sensor

SALT LAKE CITYJuly 23, 2019 — Monnit Corporation ( today announced the release of the ALTA™ Vehicle Detector/Counter that offers two options for businesses and municipalities wanting to monitor auto traffic. In vehicle detector mode, the sensor detects when a vehicle crosses a pneumatic tube and can be set to trigger an immediate alert. In vehicle counter mode, the sensor counts vehicles that cross the pneumatic tube, providing valuable traffic data to transportation departments and commercial entities.

“Working with billion-dollar businesses and new franchise owners alike, we have determined vehicle monitoring is becoming more vital for the modern business,” said Brad Walters, Monnit CEO. “To eliminate the hassles of cords and limited data access, we have developed a system that eases deployment and maximizes data convenience. Valuable traffic info is now instantly available to managers via online dashboards and mobile apps. Traffic monitoring benefits many industries, and customers from restaurants to big box stores to local governments have expressed an operational need for reliable, convenient vehicle detection and counting.”

ALTA Vehicle Detector Mode Sample Applications
  • Monitoring bay entry and exit times
  • Notifying staff of customer arrival
  • Monitoring area access
ALTA Vehicle Counter Mode Sample Applications
  • Counting total vehicles through a specific point
  • Immediately identifying unusual traffic volume at self-serve facilities
  • Analyzing customer behavior by time of day
  • Managing fleets
Sensor Features
  • User-defined settings to account for number of vehicle axles
  • Configurable text, email and call alerts
  • Industry-leading range: 1,200+ feet (through 12+ walls)
  • Exceptional battery life delivers 12+ years of monitoring using two AAs
  • Bank-level encryption keeps data safe
  • Global frequencies for international use

Discover more about the ALTA Vehicle Detector/Counter here.

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