Whether it’s code red or not-so-mellow yellow, the iconic check engine light alerts you when something’s amiss with your vehicle. You see it. You stop. You get it checked out.

You wouldn’t consider driving a modern vehicle without a dashboard and these helpful warning lights. So, why should running your firm, managing a facility, or overseeing small-scale operations be any different?

This is why Monnit Wireless Sensors support entrepreneurs and managers by acting as a Check Engine Light for Business—if something goes wrong with your machinery, processes, or the facility, our Internet of Things sensors alert you. And with the iMonnit Express 4.0 software, Monnit provides the simplest way to manage wireless IoT sensors while you’re on the job. This standalone software can even send you (or designated, on-duty employees) an email if the sensors detect something that needs immediate attention. Express 4.0 also conveniently gives you access to sensor data anywhere within your facility via a networked device to keep you informed and connected so you can keep moving business forward. 

Express 4.0: Easily Keep an Eye on Things

Just as Monnit sensors are the Check Engine Light for Business, Express 4.0 is like a dashboard for your operations. Express 4.0 allows you to manage and configure up to 10 Monnit sensors (other iMonnit software products are available for larger installations), as well as view sensor data. Created for single locations, Express 4.0’s focused design helps bring the benefits of the IoT to smaller operations.

Quickly Point, Click & Configure

A plug-and-play solution, Express 4.0 runs on PC—Mac and Linux support are coming soon. The economical software will run on your company’s existing computer hardware, allowing you to see Monnit sensor data on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device within your network. And because it works with popular email programs and networking software, Express 4.0 minimizes IT resources, keeping overhead low.

Tailored to busy entrepreneurs and managers, Express 4.0 features an Actions Wizard that streamlines the configuration and management of Monnit Generation 1 and ALTA sensing solutions. Users do not need special IT skills or knowledge to use Express 4.0 for setting sensor thresholds—which trigger an alert if crossed. Examples would be configuring a water detection sensor to monitor for pipe leaks and spills or setting a temperature sensor to watch for overnight temperature changes.

With Express 4.0, you can:

  • Easily configure sensors to monitor what matters most
  • Determine when a sensor should email an alert about a specific condition
  • Get email alerts when something goes wrong
  • Configure sensor “heartbeats” (sensor check-ins)
  • Set quicker heartbeats
  • Maintain up to 5,000 data points per sensor
  • Have up to 100 on-site users–keep all key decision-makers and supervisors informed

Cost-effective and user-friendly, Express 4.0 will enable busy owners and managers to manage assets efficiently, keep their facilities safe, and their operations running smoothly. Express 4.0 technical specs, user documentation, and more helpful resources are available here.

About Monnit Corporation

Monnit is the Check Engine Light for Business™. If something is off, Monnit’s self-installed, cost-effective wireless sensors let business owners know. Enterprise and SMB customers use Monnit sensors to remotely monitor 80+ variables (including temperature, motion, humidity, and vibration) and receive alerts based on user-defined conditions. Products are fully tested for use anywhere in the world; they are FCC, CE, and IC compliant. Find your Monnit monitoring solution at monnit.com.