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Winning for You Again—The ALTA Advanced Edge Gateway

We knew we built a winning gateway for you—our valuable customers—and another award for the ALTA® Advanced Edge Gateway reminds us once again why we did. The Advanced Edge Gateway recently received a 2021 IoT Evolution Industrial IoT Product of the Year Award from IoT Evolution World magazine.

It’s Advanced Edge Gateway’s third award. The innovative Internet of Things (IoT) sensor-to-cloud solution also won a Leadership in Engineering Program (LEAP) Award and an IoT Innovations Award. This IoT hat trick validates our goal to provide the best way to help you securely and speedily manage data as Monnit Sensors at the edge of your network deliver it to the cloud.

You can rapidly deploy Monnit Sensors to send data directly to the cloud without integrating third-party or in-house software. The Advanced Edge Gateway fingerprints sensor data with a cryptographic validation stamp and then transmits the data securely to a cloud broker (or multiple brokers) for analysis and action.

Advanced Edge gateway

Seasonal Monitoring Needs

c-store monitoring systems

What's New

New iMonnit UX

Simple and Mobile-Friendly UX —Two of Our Constant Pursuits

The Monnit Software Development Team is always looking for ways to refine the user experience (UX) of iMonnit—our Sensor and Data Management Platform—and make it easier to use. They’re optimizing the iMonnit UX for the way you work on your mobile device.

Recently, they went back to the beginning and simplified how one creates an iMonnit account and sets up a Monnit Gateway, Sensors, and IoT Network. The software will provide guidance as you get your sensor network up and running.

Right from the start:

  • Fewer fields to create your login credentials—user name and password—quickly.
  • After verifying your email address (user name), iMonnit guides you through the setup of your sensors.
  • Build your profile, add new devices, and set up alerts while guided with various drop-down prompts, reminders, light-up checklists, and a progress bar.
  • Add information to your account profile anytime, and even feel free to have someone else add sensors and configure them on your new IoT network.
  • If you exit the setup process after you’ve verified your email address, you can come back later and finish.

May 2021 Web Special

May 2021 Web Special

What People are Saying

what people are saying

"From concept to deployment, using Monnit's sensors made our last project the easiest and quickest we have ever done. Their customer support is top notch and most importantly, their stuff works like it should!"

– Kevin K., Minnesota

Looking to the Future

wireless sensor with membrane switch

A New Switch to Turn up the UX

You use them daily at work on equipment like factory machine control panels and remote controls. Soon our ALTA® Commercial and Industrial Sensors will include a push-button on/off switch with an LED indicator.

The custom-designed industrial-membrane button will replace the toggle on/off switch on our industrial sensors and provide new functionality for our commercial-grade sensors. The tactile button has an embedded dual-color LED to give feedback on sensor power and status. These enhancements are part of our focus to consistently improve the user experience (UX).

With the new switch, you can:

  • Turn a sensor on and off without opening the battery compartment.
  • Know immediately without looking at iMonnit Software if a sensor is active and communicating.
  • Send data on demand instead of waiting for a sensor’s preset check-in.

Beyond these benefits, its industrial-strength yet sleek, low-profile design enables efficient provisioning and easier maintenance over our previous generation of sensor hardware.

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Application of the Month

Mom And The IoT—make The Most Of Her Special Day

Where would Mother’s Day be without the IoT? Better yet, where would you be if not for the IoT?

Go ahead and share with her how much you depend on Monnit IoT Devices to get the gifts you knew she’d appreciate. Your mom will admire your intelligence and humility.


  • The card with just the right message you searched so hard for was produced with sensors monitoring card-making machines and entire factories.
  • Those flowers grew, shipped, and stayed fresh thanks to our IoT devices monitoring soil moisture, temperature, light, humidity, and more.
  • The fancy restaurant where you celebrate her wonderful life can supply the freshest foods because IoT sensors help prevent them from spoiling.

Here are just some of the many Monnit Sensors helping businesses, and you make a happy Mother’s Day:

May 2021 wireless sensor application

ALTA® Wireless AC Current and Advanced Vibration Meters monitor HVAC power consumption and motor performance in the kitchen and across your entire system.

Our ALTA® Wireless Standard, Low, Digital Temperature, and Food Probe Sensors measure a range of conditions with easy logging and graphing to keep food safe.

ALTA® Wireless Soil Moisture Sensor tells growers how much, when, and where to water their crops to prevent water stress and increase yield throughout their fields.

ALTA® by Monnit Wireless Temperature, Carbon Dioxide (CO2), and Humidity Sensors and Light Meters in greenhouses help keep condition thresholds at optimal levels.

Monnit is Hiring

now hiring at Monnit

Be part of the team that’s leading the commercial and industrial sectors with innovative Internet of Things (IoT) technology.

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