Limited-Time Offer: Purchase the Water Puck Before Price Increase

water puck price increase

Over the past 11 years, Monnit has experienced minor supply chain constraints or parts unavailability in a fashion that we’ve been able to absorb without delaying shipments or increasing the prices of our products.

The global pandemic is impacting supply changes in a way we’ve not seen in generations. Lead times and component prices are increasing significantly across the board, and unfortunately, the impact means Monnit will not be able to absorb these issues going forward.

In 90 days—on Oct. 7, 2021—the ALTA® Water Detection Puck’s price will increase by $20 from $121 to $141. We encourage our customers to take advantage of current pricing for the Water Detection Puck during the next few months.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality materials and parts for our sensors. We value your business and consistently optimize our production and distribution processes to maintain excellence and efficiency in our products and levels of service. We want to ensure we don’t compromise on our high standards while responding appropriately to the rise of costs across external suppliers and service providers.

We’re pleased that the award-winning Water Detection Puck provides you valuable peace of mind and ROI as it works to protect your business. For more about the Water Puck Sensor and make a purchase, visit or call 801.561.5555.

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