The Countdown to the End of 3G Continues

3G end of life

With the major North American 3G network carriers shutting down those networks in 2022, it’s time for customers to transition to 4G LTE. AT&T will be the first to sunset its 3G network on February 22, 2022.

So, if you have a Monnit ALTA® North American 3G Cellular Gateway running on AT&T’s data plan, connecting your ALTA Sensors to the Internet of Things (IoT), you’ll find your sensor network disconnected on that shutdown date.*

That is unless you move before that time to the Monnit ALTA® North American 4G LTE Cellular Gateway with an AT&T data plan. If you have our 3G Cellular Gateway connected to another carrier, you have more time.

However, your Monnit Sales Representative is ready to help you upgrade to a 4G LTE network. They’ll ensure you have peace of mind knowing your Monnit Sensors can keep sending you all that valuable data. The Monnit Sales Team is adept at helping you roll over your 3G data plans and upgrade to our ALTA 4G LTE Cellular Gateway.

Whether you have a carrier’s data plan or one on AT&T, Rogers, or Verizon, here’s a table with our 3G and 4G LTE Cellular Gateway part numbers. Just find your current 3G Gateway on the left and follow straight to the right to know which 4G LTE Gateway to request from your sales rep.

3G to 4G upgrade chart

Give us a call or email your sales rep to make your move to 4G LTE today.

*Applies only to ALTA 3G Cellular Gateways in the United States. 3G gateways deployed internationally are not affected.

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