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Which Monnit Software Platform is Right For You?

In addition to the numerous wireless sensors, gateways and other devices offered by Monnit to connect your devices to the Internet of Things, Monnit also provides several software solutions to view all the data being collected. Gathering data is only half of the equation, the other half is a software solution for viewing and analyzing […]

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More Than Sensors and Gateways

Most of the people who know about Monnit and regularly use our products are only familiar with sensors and gateways. These pieces of wireless technology are what Monnit is known for, but there are a couple of other lesser known products we wanted to highlight today in this blog post. Below are 4 additional offerings […]

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Monnit Partner Program, IoTvantage

IoTvantage is the premier Internet of Things (IoT) partner platform offered by Monnit. Monnit products are not just for our end users, we like to partner with other companies to provide an all-encompassing solution. Below are a few examples of the types of companies we can partner with and the value added in each opportunity. […]

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Preparing for Winter with Monnit Sensors

The weather is starting to change in the northern hemisphere, winter is coming. As people begin to switch over from air conditioning to heat, it is important to take a minute to ensure your home or company’s system is prepared for the coming months. Now would be a perfect time to implement a couple of […]

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IoT Simplicity

As IoT continues to grow and become a part of everyday life, the only real challenge to overcome is the variety of different networks, machines, equipment, and sensors to integrate with one another. There are thousands of products out in the market-place, many of which already work perfectly in their designated environment. How do companies […]

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Security and the Internet of Technology Industry

As the new industry of IoT emerges, there are budding concerns about the security of these devices and the vulnerabilities of the machines they attach to. Any new industry will have competitors racing to get as much of the market-share as possible, but this rapid development has left consumers wondering what corners were cut. Since […]

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