Know Instantly and Remotely How Much is Left in a Propane Tank

using sensors for propane tank monitoring

Provide Predictive Monitoring Data Services to Propane Tank Customers by Taking a Transformative, Profitable Approach

In today's post, we share why you should deploy a wireless propane tank monitoring solution to reap predictive and transformative benefits. The Internet of Things (IoT) solution is especially beneficial whether you're a residential or commercial propane provider. Let's get right to it.

Propane is an essential fuel for everyone from homeowners to manufacturers to agriculturists. Its most common uses include home, building, and water heating, cooking and refrigeration, and powering equipment and machinery. Chemical plants and manufacturers also use propane as a raw material to make plastics and other compounds.

1. Be Predictive, Then Transformative

However you use propane, you need to know how much you have at a moment's notice and estimate or predict when you may run out. Using wireless IoT sensors, you can be predictive when implementing remote propane tank monitoring.

You can level up to transformative monitoring once you employ predictive monitoring and maintenance. This means you find ways to monetize monitoring in an as-a-service opportunity.

propane level monitoring sensors

2. Transformative Propane Tank Monitoring-as-a-Service

Propane providers or suppliers can use near real-time tank monitoring data from wireless liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) level sensors to predict when to send trucks for refills. Customers or delivery personnel don't need to guess or manually check propane tank levels. The remote tank monitoring solution can be sold with the tanks and supply services as a value-added service.

Then, managers can track and predict when tanks will be ready to be filled and create timely and cost-effective delivery or truck roll schedules. Tank sensor data can also be provided to customers' online dashboards and invoices showing usage and other valuable metrics.

3. Provide Needs-Based Delivery

The Monnit ALTA® Propane Tank Monitor features remote wireless tank monitoring technology to ensure customers always have the fuel they need. You can set thresholds to detect when it's almost time for a refill. Receive alerts via text, email, or voice call to schedule or prompt an automated system to schedule propane delivery.

Eliminate unnecessary:

  • Time spent physically checking tanks with sufficient propane levels
  • Truck fuel used to reach remote tanks that don't need servicing
  • Wear and tear on service vehicles
  • Customer worry about running low or out of fuel
propane tank monitoring sensors

4. Key Propane Tank Monitor Features

Preventing tanks from running dry also means propane supply and delivery companies don't need extra time reinitializing a customer's propane system. It saves customers from having to pay for it.

The LPG sensor:

  • Transmits the exact reading from a Sr or Jr R3D® Remote Ready gauge.
  • Features an industry-leading range from IoT network gateway up to 2,000+ feet through 18+ walls.
  • Includes exceptional battery life to deliver 10+ years of monitoring using two AAs.
  • Provides bank-level encryption to keep data safe.
  • Offers global frequencies for international use.

5. Ensure Propane Supply is Reliable and Uninterrupted

Deploying a wireless propane tank monitoring solution is not just about customer convenience. It's a predictive, transformative, and profitable approach that ensures reliable and uninterrupted propane supply. Propane providers can optimize their operations, reduce unnecessary costs, and enhance their customer experience by being predictive and transformative with monitoring-as-a-service.

The Monnit ALTA Propane Tank Monitor, with its advanced features and near real-time data transmission, exemplifies the potential for leveraging technology to optimize propane delivery services. Embrace this innovative approach to enhance efficiency and position propane providers at the forefront of a connected and data-driven future in the energy sector. Elevate your propane services by embracing the power of wireless IoT sensors for predictive and transformative monitoring.

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