Monnit Launches the ALTA Wireless Dual Pulse Counter

New ALTA Dual Pulse Counter

Connect to Two Pulse Output Devices to Simultaneously Count the Pulses, Actuations, or Contacts

SALT LAKE CITY—May 29, 2024—Monnit announced today the release of its ALTA® Wireless Dual Pulse Counter that can connect to two pulse output devices and simultaneously count the pulses from each device.

The new ALTA Dual Pulse Counter senses pulses, contacts, or actuations from two devices, such as industrial equipment with dry contacts, buttons, or switches. In addition to simultaneous pulse counting on two devices, the sensor can count:

  • The number of pulses in a given time frame or aggregated pulses in a continuous summary.
  • Passive (open/closed switch) or active (up to +80 VDC) pulses.
  • The positive, negative, or both pulse edges.

You can also configure four low-pass filter settings:

  1. None—Ultra-fast counting up to 1600 Hz
  2. Weak—Fast counting up to 80 Hz
  3. Medium—Normal counting up to 20 Hz
  4. Strong—Slow counting up to 4 Hz

"The ALTA Dual Pulse Counter is another innovative response to our customers' need for versatile sensor solutions," said Monnit Founder and CEO Brad Walters. "We appreciate the collaborative effort and input of our partners and customers as we work to manufacture IoT technology that can help them solve the challenges they face with timely sensor data."

New Monnit ALTA Dual Pulse Counter

Some example use cases or applications of the ALTA Dual Pulse Counter include:

  • Water, gas, and airflow meters
  • Door access monitoring
  • Turnstile and gate counting
  • Seat occupancy switches
  • Button or switch integration
  • Production line tracking

More About How the Counter Works

The ALTA Dual Pulse Counter records the number of pulses counted over a user-configurable time interval or Heartbeat. On every Heartbeat, the counter will report the number of pulses counted to an ALTA® or ALTA XL® Gateway. Then, the data is available in iMonnit Software or other approved data services for text, email, or voice call alerts and graphical analysis.

You can also configure it to report urgently if the number of pulses counted in one Heartbeat exceeds your preset threshold.

Connect to Nearly Anything Virtually Anywhere

Like all ALTA Sensors, the new ALTA Dual Pulse Counter leads with a long-range wireless radio frequency range of 2,000+ feet (non-line-of-sight) through more than 18+ walls in a building and a one-mile line of sight when paired with an ALTA XL IoT or Ethernet Gateway.

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