Monnit Launches the New ALTA Wireless 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor

New ALTA 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor

New Sensor Delivers Automated Contact Detection of Points, Switches, Relays, or Plates with Five Independent, Highly Reactive Wired Inputs

SALT LAKE CITY—May 15, 2024—Monnit announced today the release of its ALTA® Wireless 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor to help people in many industries detect contact between multiple contacts in one place or contact bank.

The new sensor has five independent, highly reactive wired inputs and a ground wire to simultaneously monitor multiple contact points, such as mechanical switches or relays, transistor switches, or contact plates.

"We created the ALTA® 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor in response to our customers' requests," said Monnit Founder and CEO Brad Walters. "We’re happy to offer the sensor because it delivers actionable data for many customer use cases. Once again, the industry applications for our sensors are seemingly endless."

Some example use cases of the ALTA 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor include:

  • Facility and factory automation
  • Door access tracking
  • Freezer/cooler monitoring
  • Forklift and other equipment operation
  • Production line tracking
  • Nearly any button or switch integration
5-Input Dry Contact Sensors

More About How the Sensor Works

When the sensor detects contact, no contact, or a state change between any of the five inputs and ground, it communicates wirelessly with an ALTA® or ALTA XL® Gateway. The gateway will immediately attempt to securely send data based on preset thresholds to iMonnit Software or other approved data services for text, email, or voice call alerts and graphical analysis.

Key Features & Application

  • Detects both closed and open loops for each of the five inputs.
  • Delivers no voltage dry contact using a 6-wire (five input lines, one ground line) 3-foot cable.
  • Provides extend-capable wires with a 4-inch peel-back cable sheath.
  • Ideal for facility and factory managers who monitor and control metered relay devices, utility rooms, equipment, machinery, and building and infrastructure management systems.

Connect to Nearly Anything Virtually Anywhere

Like all ALTA Sensors, the new ALTA 5-Input Dry Contact Sensor leads with a long-range wireless radio frequency range of 2,000+ feet (non-line-of-sight) through more than 18+ walls in a building and a one-mile line of sight when paired with an ALTA XL IoT or Ethernet Gateway.

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