Remotely Monitor Gas, Liquid, and Vapor Line Pressure Nearly Anywhere

ALTA 50, 300, 750, 3000 PSIG Wireless Pressure Meters

ALTA Wireless 50, 300, 750, and 3000 PSIG Pressure Meters Keep Many Operations Safe and Efficient

It can be a standard operational yet vital safety requirement in many industrial and commercial processes to accurately measure gas, liquid, and vapor or steam pressure. Consider monitoring pressurized pipelines in municipal water systems, critical hospital care and operating rooms, building HVAC/R systems, and petrochemical refineries. If you need to ensure a pressurized system has optimal and safe pressure in multiple places, wireless pressure transducers are an ideal solution.

Monnit offers its line of ALTA Wireless Pressure Meters so you can remotely monitor pipeline pressure relative to ambient atmospheric pressure in numerous applications. To do this, the ALTA Pressure Meters measure line pressure in pounds per square inch, gauge, or in gauge (PSIG).

For example, gauge pressure, as a unit of pressure relative to surrounding or ambient atmospheric pressure, is what many gauges on oil and gas pipeline valves and pumps show. Even though use cases for monitoring gas, liquid, and vapor line pressure vary widely, ALTA Wireless 50, 300, 750, and 3000 PSIG Pressure Meters are versatile enough to do the job virtually anywhere.

A Leading Range of Commercial and Industrial Pressure Meters

Take advantage of our ALTA Wireless Pressure Meters to remotely monitor pipeline pressure in 50, 300, 750, and 3000 PSIG. We even offer the intrinsically safe, IECEx-certified ALTA-ISX® 300 PSIG Pressure Meter for use in hazardous industrial areas with potentially explosive atmospheres.

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ALTA 50 PSIG Pressure Meter

Connect the ALTA Wireless 50 PSIG Pressure Meter to a line and get an instant alert via text, email, or phone call if the line’s pressure moves from your preset threshold. There’s no better way to keep lab technicians, rig engineers, facility managers, and many more operational leaders aware of the pressure.

ALTA 300 PSIG Pressure Meter

It’s easy to stay on top of critical processes where maintaining line pressure is essential with the ALTA Wireless 300 PSIG Pressure Meter. Like our other pressure meters, it’s available in battery-powered commercial and industrial versions and the intrinsically-safe ALTA-ISX 300 PSIG Pressure Meter.

ALTA 750 PSIG Pressure Meter

Monnit’s newest wireless pressure meter measures line pressure up to 750 PSIG. Like all ALTA Meters and Sensors, you can collect data more than 2,000+ feet away (non-line-of-sight) from an ALTA XL® Gateway and through 18+ walls. Be practically anywhere and monitor pressure from there.

ALTA 3000 PSIG Pressure Meter

The meter monitors pipeline pressure up to 3000 PSIG and is designed for many high-pressure commercial and industrial applications. Easily add the meter to an IoT network for oil well testing, energy exploration, laboratory system monitoring, water system analysis, and many more use cases.

ALTA-ISX 300 PSIG Pressure Meter

Safely monitor gas, liquid, and vapor lines in hazardous industrial environments with potentially explosive atmospheres with the ALTA-ISX Wireless 300 PSIG Pressure Meter. The meter is IECEx-certified for use in Zone 1 areas where group IIA gases (propane or similar) may be present.

Eliminate the need to manually check line pressure and remotely monitor operations on your computer or smartphone. Review our ALTA Pressure Meters today.