Monnit PoE•X
PoE Sensors

New Power over Ethernet Sensors Bring Uncharted Insight to Smart Buildings

PoE + IoT = PoE•X  

Monnit has merged the Internet of Things with Power over Ethernet (PoE), bringing tremendous insight to smart buildings and modernized facilities with the new PoE•X Sensors.

Mine Smart Buildings for Data

PoE•X Sensors plug into a building’s PoE infrastructure and remotely monitor critical systems and/or infrastructure for hazards, such as water leaks. This data provides smart building operators with tremendous data to economize operation by conserving resources while enhancing comfort. If a monitored variable exceeds specified thresholds, a user is alerted via text, email, or call.

Monnit’s PoE•X Sensors use the same PoE cable to both receive power and transmit data. This two-in-one capability maximizes space utilization and addresses needs for a broad layout and high-density sensor networks, such as those needed for server rooms and data centers.

No PoE infrastructure in your building? Plug the PoE•X Sensors into your Ethernet network and then power the sensors with the optional AC power supply.

PoE•X Sensors available:


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