Monnit MoWi
Wi-Fi Sensors

Get More Agility With Wi-Fi Sensors for Many Remote Monitoring Needs

Quickly Connect MoWi™ Sensors to Wi-Fi

Combine the Simplicity of Wi-Fi Connectivity with the Power of the Internet of Things (IoT).

In 15 minutes or less, you can connect MoWi Sensors—Monnit Wi-Fi Sensors—to your Wi-Fi network. Just download and install an easy-to-use MoWi Setup Utility and driver for the MoWi Programming Cable, and you’re ready to set up MoWi Sensors. Then, you’ll be running an IoT network of Wi-Fi sensors measuring everything from temperature to motion to water.

Place these sensors virtually anywhere there’s Wi-Fi connectivity in your offices, lab, factory, warehouse, store, and more locations to get data logging and instant alerts. Your MoWi Sensor data is easily accessible through our iMonnit online software on a desktop PC or mobile device.

Use MoWi Wi-Fi Sensors to monitor standard, high, or low temperatures in many environments, ovens, freezers, walk-in coolers, and more. Be alerted about water leaks and flooding, equipment use, after-hours access, service requests, and more with our versatile MoWi Sensors.

Add Our MoWi Sensors to Your Wi-Fi Network: