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Foodservice: Ditch the Clipboard with the All-New Internet of Things Food Probe

2020’s Must-Have Ingredient: IoT

For years, food safety and quality relied on harried kitchen staff to manually collect and record food temperatures on archaic clipboards.

That was then. The ALTA® Wireless Food Probe is now.

Savvy chefs and modern food processors are beefing up recipes, using the Food Probe to add the Internet of Things (IoT) to their dishes. Monnit’s all-new digital food thermometer measures the internal temperature of cooked or refrigerated food from -50°C to 260°C (-58°F to 500°F). Temperature is displayed on an LCD and can be automatically logged for recipe creation and refinement, as well as food production or preparation.

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  • Stay on top of the food chain: Automated data collection in foodservice promotes safety and consistency. Both are critical—especially for eateries relying on curbside pickup and delivery. Repeat business relies on precision.
  • IoT, Not IT: No extensive IT resources are needed—this food temperature sensor can be set up in 15 minutes.
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  • Food for thought: US-based Monnit created the Food Probe specifically for a fast-food giant. Data was needed to drive quality and safety initiatives globally. Automated collection data in commercial kitchens is helping tighten quality control and protect the brand.

Delight with Data-driven Dishes

Monnit’s CFR21 part 11 compliant Food Probe provides automated food temperature data logging to help restaurants, catering firms, convenience stores, cafes, and food trucks maintain compliance with the FDA Food Modernization Act. Data also helps fortify internal HACCP programs.

But compliance isn’t top-of-mind for customers—they’re thinking about quality and flavor. Deliver with data collected by this commercial-quality thermometer. Know recipes were followed, spot-check new cooking processes, and study data to ensure consistency.

Commercial Kitchen-Ready

Developed for commercial kitchens, the ergonomic Food Probe thermometer is enclosed in an IP67 water-resistant housing that features an easy-to-read display. This highly portable IoT food thermometer’s seamless push-buttons provide a high degree of usability and simplify sanitation.

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Now Serving

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The Food Probe can be running in 15 minutes—no IT experience is necessary. Monnit’s food thermometer pairs with your choice of an Ethernet or cellular gateway. The gateway then securely transmits data to iMonnit sensor software for data-logging and analysis. Trusted by thousands of restaurants and specialty food firms, user-friendly iMonnit software helps tailor Food Probe settings to your business.

To serve your operation, the Food Probe ships with:

Keeping Secret Ingredients Secret:

Monnit’s Food Probe utilizes the award-winning ALTA remote monitoring platform. Widely recognized as an Internet of Things leader, ALTA technology provides the Food Probe with: A 1,200-foot range through (non-line-of-sight through 12+ walls)

  • Bank-grade security
  • Battery life of 1 year on two AA batteries
  • Worldwide use

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