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MonnitSense Newsletter - July 2011
Featured Wireless Sensor

Monnit Infrared
Motion Sensor

Monnit WIT Infrared Motion Sensor

The wireless motion sensor uses an infrared sensor to accurately detect movements made by people/animals within 16.4 ft (5 m) range. User customization allows you to set notifications and alerts from the system to know immediately if there is motion in a given area.

Infrared Motion Sensor Features
    • Passive Infrared Technology.
    • 16.4 Ft. Sensing Range.

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In this issue

Glimpse of the future
We Listened!

iMonnit Basic Online Monitoring and Notification is
now included with every sensor for FREE!

iMonnit Basic Features
    • 1 user per account.
    • Sensor heartbeats (check-ins) down to 2 hours.
    • Standard sensor configuration options.
    • SMS text and email notifications when sensor thresholds are met.
    • Sensor data is stored for 45 days.
    • Accessible via Internet from anywhere

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Monnit Web Special

Glimpse of the future

Crystal Ball

Let's take a look in our crystal ball to see what the future holds at Monnit?

If we look into our crystal ball we can see a new line of 433 MHz wireless sensors. The Monnit team has been hard at work developing 433 MHz versions of all of our popular wireless sensors. These sensors are internationally compliant and can be used anywhere in the world. If you would like to be notified when these new sensors are available, please email us at devteam@monnit.com.

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Application of the Month

Boat or Watercraft Bilge Pump Monitoring

Using wireless sensors to monitor boat or watercraft bilge pumps.

Bilge pump failure can be catastrophic when it comes to your boat or watercraft staying afloat. When an issue arises, you want to know immediately so you can take care of the problem before damage occurs or your boat submerges. However, pump motors can burn out and pump triggers can stick. How do you know if there is an issue with your pump before it's too late?

With Monnit Wireless Water Sensors you can have 24/7 monitoring of your boat or watercraft and avoid water damage and possible submersion by receiving real time alerts via SMS text or email if water levels reach a certain point and the bilge pump has not turned on. You can also track bilge pump activity to know how often the pump activates. The system provides a detailed report as well as spreadsheet export functionality. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes from using Monnit wireless sensors to help maintain your boat or watercraft.

Stay Afloat, with Monnit wireless sensors.

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Tech Tip of the Month

by The WiSe Guys

WiSe Guys

What Can You Discover With Monnit Wireless Sensors?

When you begin using Monnit Wireless Sensors you probably purchased them for a specific purpose. Maybe it was to track refrigerator temperatures or to know if there is a plumbing leak. While using the sensors for these applications, you may discover new information about your facility or home that you didn't know before.

Real World Applications:
We were recently contacted by a company that is using our Monnit Wireless Sensors to monitor areas of a building that are not in use. The sensors were purchased to be used as an alerting system to let building maintenance personnel know if the heating system fails, helping them avoid plumbing issues from frozen pipes. When the company looked at the data coming from the sensors, they realized that their control system was setup incorrectly and that the building was heating at night when not needed.

This company began to wonder if there were other areas of their facility that may not be operating as they believed and now use Monnit Wireless Temperature Sensors to monitor areas such as IT servers, office space and storage areas to optimize temperatures for cost savings. They also use Monnit Wireless Light Sensors after realizing they had issues with lights being left on continually in unoccupied areas. Using Monnit Wireless Sensors around their facility has lead to substantial operating cost savings.

Where Can You Use Wireless Sensors?
Here are a few ways Monnit customers are currently using Monnit Wireless Sensors.

    • Boiler temperature monitoring to detect boiler failures or excessive heating.
    • Warehouse temperature monitoring to avoid frozen fire suppression systems.
    • Monitor vacant commercial property temperatures to avoid frozen pipes.
    • Summer/winter (vacation) property monitoring for frozen pipes or excessive heat.
    • HVAC system monitoring to detect failures or heating / cooling issues.
    • Monitor temperature of K9 units (dog collar's and kennel).
    • Art gallery and museum temperature monitoring.
    • Art gallery and museum humidity monitoring.
    • Art gallery and museum light metering.
    • Heat remediation of bed bugs (extermination).
    • Freezer and cooler temperature monitoring to detect failure and prevent food spoilage.
    • Server room temperature monitoring.
    • Cadaver storage cooler temperature monitoring.
    • Greenhouse temperature and humidity monitoring.
    • Hotel, motel and resort water heater leak detection.
    • Residential and commercial water heater leak detection.
    • Sink and toilet leak detection.
    • Frozen or burst water pipe monitoring.
    • Reservoir level monitoring.
    • Sump and well monitoring.
    • Basement water monitoring.
    • Boat bilge pump monitoring.
    • Commercial property "lights left on" electricity management.
    • Residential property "lights left on"electricity management.
    • Greenhouse solar and light level tracking.
    • Commercial property door and window access.
    • Residential property door and window access.
    • Bank owned foreclosure properties access monitoring.
    • Restricted area monitoring.
    • Shipping cargo bay door monitoring.
    • Garage door monitoring.
    • Asset tracking and monitoring.
    • Location tracking of school buses.
    • Fleet vehicle management and tracking.
    • Machinery and motor RPM tracking.
    • Production line position tracking.
    • Barn door access monitoring.
    • Pharmaceutical refrigerator temperature tracking and monitoring.
    • Restaurant freezer / cooler temperature monitoring.
    • Freezer / cooler doors left open.
    • Convenience store cooler doors (to determine if they are not closed all the way).
    • Forklift seat switches.
    • Motor and machinery monitoring to determine how often a machine is in use.
    • Environmental monitoring.
    • Humidor monitoring.
    • Customer service request button.
    • Hotel / motel front desk call button.
    • Bathroom needs cleaning (service call button).

Want to share how you use Monnit Wireless Sensors? Email us at info@monnit.com

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