PoE•X motion and occupancy sensor in server room

Motion & Occupancy Sensors

Manage access across your facilities and get instant mobile alerts.

Set the IoT in Motion

Monitor movement by people or animals in virtually any area or facility. Our passive infrared (PIR) ALTA® Motion Detection Sensors help you increase security, coordinate building occupancy services and space booking, and safeguard critical assets and equipment by recording heat signals.

Monnit’s wireless and Power over Ethernet (PoE) ALTA Motion Detection Sensors can be used in any facility from office buildings to farms to data centers. Our ALTA Standard Motion Detection Sensor delivers up to 80 degrees of sensing coverage. The 110-degree ALTA Wide-Angle Motion Detection Sensor gives you a larger view of what’s happening in a sensitive area or anywhere in a facility.

Get an alert on your mobile device via text, email, or call if people or animals move within a range of up to 15 feet. Our ALTA Motion Detection Sensors are available in compact coin cell (CC) battery, enterprise AA, PoE•X, and MoWi models.

Protect your business with one of the ALTA Motion Detection Sensors below.

Wireless Motion Detection Sensor - AA Battery Powered
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Enterprise Wireless

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Wireless Motion Detection Sensor - Coin Cell Battery Powered
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Commercial Wireless

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PoE Sensors
PoE•X Infrared Motion and Occupancy Sensor
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PoE•X - Power over Ethernet

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WiFi Sensors
Wi-Fi Infrared Motion and Occupancy Sensor
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MoWi - Wi-Fi

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Which Sensor is Right For Me?

  • Enterprise AA-battery powered: Our most popular type is ideal for typical commercial & enterprise environments, such as server rooms. A 1,200+ ft. range readily covers most facilities.
  • CC-battery powered: Compact sensor is great for space-restricted areas such as control cabinets or cold storage.
  • PoE•X: Power over Ethernet sensors integrate with a building's PoE network; it can also be used with a standard Ethernet infrastructure & powered via an optional AC adapter.
  • MoWi: This discreet sensor uses your own Wi-Fi for networking and data transmission—popular for smaller businesses and facilities.
Still not sure which sensor type to choose? Visit our Sensor Comparison page.



2,000+ ft. Range through 18+ Walls
Up to 12 Years of Battery Life
Automated Data Logging


Unbeatable Range Eases Networking
Dependable, Worry-free Operation
Streamlined Compliance & Data Analysis

How Monnit Sensors Work

how Monnit remote monitoring works

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