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New ALTA Products by Monnit

Monnit Corporation Current Partners

Monnit Corporation is pleased to be partnering with the following companies. We welcome the opportunity to partner with new and future companies that share our vision of expanding the use of wireless sensor technology. To inquire about potential partnerships with Monnit, please contact us at 801-561-5555 or email

ALM Systems ALM Systems and Controls, Inc.

ALM Systems and Controls, Inc. is a high tech solutions provider, focusing on systems integration, software, electrical design and turn-key engineering solutions for industrial and commercial clients. They provide automation services to several industries, including Building Automation, Water Treatment, Sewerage Treatment, Pharmaceutical, Data Collection Systems, Food and Beverage, Converting, Material Handling, Power Generation and Machine Builders.

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Antenet Antenet Oy

Antenet Oy is a Monnit Wireless Sensors distributor located in Finland. Their services also include web application development, and they can help to integrate Monnit data to your own IT systems.

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Arpci is a KVM equipment distributor, connectivity and communications. They represent leading brands and operate in various professionnal sectors : medical, industry, governments, digital signage, POS, security and data centers.

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B-Scada B-Scada, Inc.

B-Scada, Inc. develops software solutions for the acquisition, logging, visualization and analysis of real time data from a variety of industrial and commercial sources. B-Scada systems connect devices, sensors, databases and users in real-time through custom user interfaces enabling the monitoring, management, and optimization of business and production processes. B-Scada's open development platform (VoT Platform) allows user to quickly and easily create custom IoT solutions that consolidate and organize data from hundreds of different hardware manufacturers, including Monnit. B-Scada systems can be served locally or hosted in the cloud (PaaS).

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Brainlike Inc. Brainlike Inc.

Brainlike, Inc. delivers edge-based solutions for reducing streams of cluttered sensor data to valuable nuggets of information, at the edge. Customers who deliver monitoring alerts from remote sensors benefit from Brainlike solutions that reduce transmission, battery replacement, false alarm, and missed event costs. Their products are designed to run on cell phones, smart radios, and specialized sensor processors.

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Danbell Danbell

Danbell is a System Integrator leader in Industrial and Building Automation including energy saving systems in Thailand. They provide a total solution from plant floor measuring, real time monitoring, energy saving, machines control and software engineering projects for various industries such as Electronic & Semiconductor, Food & Beverage, Utility and Building Management.

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Data Market Data Market

Data Market is leading Systems Integrator and IoT solutions provider in Turkey. Data Market develops vertical IoT solutions covering Manufacturing, Marine, Retail, Agriculture and many other industries. Data Market targets to provide deep insight and intelligence to those verticals by providing affective end-to-end data collection, analysis and monitoring solutions. Data Market provides its IoT solutions under Compass brand.

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Devicify Devicify

Devicify has consistently been recognized as a leader in the connected product space, integrating cloud technologies early and deeply. Leveraging a manufacturing origin and 9 years of delivering connected product solutions, Devicify applies a unique understanding of the needs and challenges experienced by product companies when trying to pursue a connected product strategy.

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Eneco offers solutions for energy saving, monitoring and control. They help clients become more efficient in areas such as lighting, air conditioning, refrigeration and motors. By implementing a unique approach to energy conservation their clients can increase their profits and reduce their maintenance costs.

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Enthu Technology Sdn Bdn. Enthu Technology

Enthu Technology Sdn Bhd, helps customers compile raw data extracted from their plants and buildings into a complete puzzle, then transforms the information into an "Interconnection Highway" so that customers can reach this precious information right at their fingertips. They specialize in commercial building, data centre, industry & factory solutions.

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Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc. Flexpoint Sensor Systems Inc.

Flexpoint Sensor Systems (FLXT) is a leading developer of thin film sensing technology to many industries, including automotive, medical, industrial controls, and consumer products.

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Gemwel Gemwel

“You can’t measure It, you can’t improve It”. Gemwel specializes in connecting the unconnected with wireless sensors integrated with analytics for data automation, remote asset monitoring and real time notification and control management. Key focus applications include Wastage Reduction, Energy Saving, Operational Efficiency and Environmental Monitoring.

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GK is Northern Europe’s leading end-to-end technical contractor and service partner. GK project-designs, installs, operates and maintains technical installations in all kinds of buildings. Key expertise is within ventilation, electrical installations, plumping, cooling and building automation.

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GroveStreams Grove Streams

The Grove Streams Data Analytics Platform is a cutting-edge cloud-based service providing decision making capabilities to many users and devices as data arrives from many sources. It was designed to be easy to use across multiple platforms by everyone from corporate app developers to product managers to sensor engineers to electronic enthusiasts. The Platform is easily scalable from one device to one million devices.

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Huy Phuc Huy Phuc

The Huy Phuc Company is a distribution partner for Monnit in the Vietnamese market. Specializing in the design, installation and repair of industrial systems, Huy Phuc is committed to providing the best products and services for their customers.

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iMetrik M2M Solutions Inc. iMetrik M2M Solutions Inc.

iMetrik M2M is a global solution provider of wireless services designed to control and manage the access and use of virtually any asset from "anywhere-to-anywhere" in the world. iMetrik partners with Monnit on it's cellular gateway, helping to develop the world of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technologies and the Internet of Things.

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Innovkez Innovkez

Innovkez Pte Ltd provides innovative solutions (products & IT solution development) to both private and public, domestic and international sectors. It strives to help its’ client address operation and business challenges, streamline and improve operation performance particularly in the area of monitoring: assets tracking, IoT sensors (temperature, humidity, pressure, water detection, motion, open/close, light, voltage, current etc) and security.

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IoT Plus IoT Plus

IoT PLUS Middle East is a leading provider of Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions. We offer full turnkey services to our clients that include the design, supply, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of Remote Wireless Monitoring Systems as well as training and technical support. From our headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE we serve the entire GCC and wider Middle East regions.

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M2M Data Corp. M2M Data Corp.

M2M Data Corp is a leading provider of remote asset monitoring and management services to the oil and gas, water/wastewater, power generation, and heavy equipment industries.

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Mojyle LLC. Mojyle LLC.

Mojyle is a provider of world-class, highly innovative, sustainable and cost effective solutions such as Sensor Aggregation platforms, IP Gateways and Internet Portals for M2M, Remote Reachability, Sensor Monitoring and automated response systems.

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Neotronix Neotronix

Neotronix is a high tech system integrator, software, electrical design and turn-key engineering solutions for industrial and commercial clients. The company has successfully implemented for the last 20 years, their solutions for a broad range of industries including Food Services, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Security, and Logistics.

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Nova Mobile Systems Nova Mobile Systems

Nova Mobile Systems provides GPS Asset Tracking/Telemetry and Mobile Computing Solutions. GPS Asset Tracking and Telemetry provides access to information via a cloud based information portal. We collect and monitor location, performance and sensor data using handheld computers, specialized GPS and Telemetry devices, wireless communications, products and services. Their mobile computing systems include mobile computer hardware such as tablets and rugged handheld computers, combined with specialized software applications and peripherals.

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Numerex Corp. Numerex Corp.

Numerex Corp is a leading provider of interactive and on-demand machine-to-machine (M2M) technology and services, offered on a subscription basis, used in the development and support of M2M solutions for the enterprise and government markets worldwide.

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Power TakeOff Power TakeOff

Power TakeOff leverages Monnit monitoring solutions in its user-friendly, web-based, analytical and reporting software. Their portfolio of cellular, real-time reporting capabilities for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing businesses empower users with a detailed understanding of resource usage relative to operational performance of their facilities.

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ProTAACS provides products, solutions and services for environment monitoring, oil/gas and mining safety, managed access control, and much more

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RDT Equipment RDT Equipment & Systems

RDT Equipment & Systems is an Israeli leading supplier of solutions and services for a wide range of professional industries. Founded in 1963, the company has been at the forefront of the electronics industry for over 50 years, representing international leading manufacturers and providing comprehensive scope of services. One of strategic specializations, RDT had established Control & Automation Division which historically based on Zivan Scientific Instruments, the company which was acquired by RDT in 2016 and focused for more than 40 years on control & automation systems based on PLC/HMI technologies, IIOT and instrumentation for industrial & civilian segments.

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Rubics Rubics

RUBICS started in 2014 focusing on the rise of the Internet of Things and is now offering smart wireless automation & IoT solutions by integrating Monnit wireless sensors with their software applications for analysis, business intelligence, reporting & alerting utilizing their technology partnership with Microsoft.

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Sensorfi Sensorfi

Sensorfi, LLC is a provider of the best wireless sensor technology in the market today. They offer a wide variety of sensors and data loggers for many industries and applications. They are dedicated to customer service and making wireless sensor networks as user friendly as possible.

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SMART (Sensor Monitoring and Remote Technologies) SMART (Sensor Monitoring and Remote Technologies)

SMART (Sensor Monitoring and Remote Technologies) is a leading provider of wireless sensor networks and machine-to-machine communication and services. They provide solutions for multiple industries throughout Sub Saharan Africa such as the Cold Chain, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Healthcare, Education, Information Technology, Agriculture, Food Services, Hospitality, Property and Logistics among others.

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SmartTotal SmartTotal

SmartTotal is dedicated to Offering Cloud & Control technologies that embrace multiplied benefits beyond technology. Based in Columbia, Peru and Panam, they offer integrated services for total backup, a dynamic cloud for your own servers and apps as services, also a full package of resources called "virtual alliance".

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Sophic Sophic

Sophic is a global specialist in enabling Smart implementations for factories & enterprises worldwide via their integrated Industrial Internet of Things solutions. A pure play Technology company, they have delivered proven Industrial IoT solutions to more than 40 MNCs & SMEs in South East Asia.

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Telit Telit

Telit is the global leader in Internet of Things (IoT) enablement. They offer the industry’s broadest portfolio of integrated products, platforms and services to support and enable IoT deployments from things to apps. Their portfolio of modules addresses all cellular communication technologies, GNSS and short-to-long range wireless applications. Their IoT connectivity plans and IoT platform services help reduce the risks, time to market, complexity and costs associated with deploying and providing IoT services across industries and vertical markets worldwide.

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Terminal Terminal

Terminal, based in Boston, provides network infrastructure design and support. Terminal designs a complete network solution that includes and communicates with hardware sensors and control systems. Services and complete IT solutions are provided to manufacturing, biotech, government, and other industries.

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Virtual Super Virtual Super

Virtual Super is a leader in water leak detection, water leak prevention, and water damage mitigation. Virtual Super develops solutions for property managers and property owners to mitigate risk of water damage to property, which is the leading cause of losses to owners, managers, and insurers. From providing management teams the ability to turn off a building’s water supply from anywhere in the world, to developing new technologies to detect water flow, Virtual Super is leading the field in water damage prevention.

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Visual Data Webservices Visual Data Webservices

Visual Data Webservices is specialized in data analysis and presentation of the results in a user-friendly graphical screen. They analyze data on-line for six-sigma, O.E.E. and also perform pattern recognition, based on customer defined patterns, and detect issues that can be correlated with that pattern. Visual Data Webservices has incorporated Monnit sensoring techniques in its application in a way that makes it easy to use, and as a fully automated function.

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Waterstone Electronics Technology Waterstone Electronics Technology

Focusing on value-added services, Waterstone Electronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is the fast growing distributor of semiconductor Intellectual Property (IP), reseller of CAE software and electronic components, design service provider in China.

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Waygum Waygum

Waygum offers ready made mobile apps, that can be used for remote monitoring devices or systems enabled by Monnit & other sensors. Waygum's award winning "Universal Remote Control - URC" mobile apps also have modules that deliver a variety of other use-cases around sensors.

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Web ID Systems WEB ID Systems Group of Companies

WEB ID Systems are an innovative leader for the Monnit Wireless Sensor Monitoring Australasia, fully flexible and scalable wireless monitoring solutions for refrigerated and non refrigerated assets. Their solutions are ideal across a broad range of industries including Hospitality, Food Services, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Cold Chain, Education, Security, Mining and Logistics.

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Wireless Sensors UK Wireless Sensors UK

Wireless Sensors UK is a Monnit Wireless Sensors distributor located in the United Kingdom.

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